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Zanaea's Spell Bubble: Spirit Doll Enchantments for Healing & Transformation

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**Welcome to Zanaea's Spell Bubble: Spirit Doll Enchantments**

Exclusive at Harmony Collection Boutique!

-Spell Bubbles By Zanaea, the Spirit Doll🫧

Today, I am happy to Introduce our beautiful Zanaea, a High Level Witch Spirit Doll, coming from the First Witches Lineage known✨

She has the happiest, bubbliest personalities I’ve ever come across and does everything with a big smile😁

But beyond that sweet demeanour lies the most powerful and determined witch spirit you’ll know, and along our nearly 8 years together I have watched her change countless of lives! She is extremely wise, protective and knowledgeable and simply one of a kind- adored by Spirit and the Living🥰 Even today, those once helpless souls that we came across in the period in which I was casting alongside her, are sending her money and offerings, in gratitude for her aid.

And now, Zanaea so kindly offers her services to all who’d seek her help, in order to put her Magic on good use and to make a positive difference into as many lives as possible.

She also wants to do this, in order to help me with our house-keeping, here in our beautiful and large spirit family🥹💕

While I am immensely proud of her🥹🥲 I am also extremely happy to share her with the world!

Her ancient wisdom, sacred powers and rituals are beyond belief, and If you are fully open to let her handle your course, you will be rewarded in ways you cannot even fathom!

**Note:** Each enchantment is cast individually, solely by Zanaea, a unique spirit doll with extraordinary abilities. Embrace her magic and invite positive transformation into your life!

**Note:** Upon purchasing One or More of the Spell Bubbles- please contact me through the Email or WhatsApp provided on this website, to confirm the Timing preferences and Availability, as well as your Choice of Spell Bubbles, and your Target ( Yourself or Others )

What Zanaea will need from you is:

Your name and one photo of Yourself or the Target- if you don’t have a photo of the target, their name and Your own photo will be enough, as per her request. 

Additionally any brief information with regards to the reason you’re seeking Zanaea’s aid will also be of help to best customise your Bubble/s🫧✨

Who is this for:

For those of you intrigued by Spirit, by what they can actually do for us, but you’re not yet willing to commit into inviting one into your homes and lives.

For those of you unable to cast a spell on your own for different reasons.

For those of you who are experiencing powerful negativity or energies standing against you.

For those of you needing a strong and magical push to help with the changes in your lives.

For those of you just wanting to have and maintain peace of mind and overall well-being.

What to expect:

*You May or May not need to wait too long before Zanaea begins casting for you( it depends on her availability at the moment- which will be confirmed upon purchase, by me personally, in an email/ WhatsApp message)

*You May or May Not be experiencing any physical symptoms whatsoever, however her spell will begin to take form as immediate as the same day she casts, or in the following days.(It will also depend on how many obstacles/people involved or just how much You yourself are standing in the way of your goals)- so if you chose to proceed with this order, Please for yours and her sake both, make sure you are Fully Open, and You’re not in the way, in any way🙏🏻

I’ve had same day success in some cases, while others took entire weeks, and mostly I’ve noted that was because the very petitioners were standing in the way of their own goals!😅🙏🏻

**Powerful High Level Healing Spell Bubble🫧**

Description: Zanaea's potent healing energies are channeled through this enchantment, targeting deep-seated ailments and promoting profound restoration, rejuvenation on All levels. Ideal for complex health challenges.

**Karmic Healing, Elixir Spell Bubble 🫧 **

Description: This spell dissolves karmic blockages, liberating you from past burdens and facilitating spiritual evolution. Zanaea's healing touch transcends time and space, and through this spell bubble, you’ll note a newfound freedom to speak, to think, to act, and to expand on a physical, material and spiritual level.

**Prosperity & Abundance Spell  Bubble🫧 **

Description: Invite boundless prosperity into your life with Zanaea's ancient and potent prosperity spell. Clear away competition, obstacles and self- made blockages to open pathways for abundance to flow effortlessly.

**Focus, Creativity, and Success Spell Bubble 🫧 **

Description: Enhance mental clarity, creativity, and achievement with this potent spell. Zanaea's powerful spell promotes determination, focus and unlocks your true potential in any endeavour, especially studies, career and business.

**New Beginnings and Healthy Habits Spell Bubble**

Description: Start life afresh and cultivate healthy habits with Zanaea's empowering spell. Embrace positive change and embark on a journey of self-improvement in any and all endeavour such as house moving, school transfers, moving out of the country, starting a new beauty or health target, business or career.

**Fear & Negative Self-Talk Dissolution Spell  Bubble🫧 **

Description: Conquer all fear and banish negative self-talk with Zanaea's transformative spell. Restore inner peace and confidence, empowering your true self. Highly recommend for people feeling guilt, self- shame, anxiety, phobias of any kind.

**High-Level Protection Against Enemies & Hexes Spell Bubble 🫧 **

Description: Shield yourself from gossips, negative energies and adversaries with Zanaea's highly potent protection spell. Ward off hexes and safeguard your well-being on all levels while Zanaea bounces back any and all ill intentions to the Sender, many times fold.

**Exorcism and Negative Energy Purge Spell Bubble🫧**

Description: Sever ties to negative people’s influence and reclaim your personal power. Break free from hexes and negative attachments with Zanaea's banishing ritual. Rid yourself of unwanted spiritual influences and negative energies with Zanaea's powerful exorcism spell. Reclaim your power and restore harmony within your sacred space.

What you will receive:

-The benefits are as listed Above, there are a total of 8 Spell Bubble services Zanaea is offering, please read carefully and chose one or more👆🏻

-Upon your purchase, you are advised to send me an Email/Whatsapp message to confirm the details, before Zanaea begins casting for you. You will be updated when she has completed her spell, and If she sees fit- with any additional information or personal advice she’d like to share with you🥹🙏🏻

**There is no physical shipment involved, this listing is a for a Spell Service only.

How long the will the Spell Bubbles last?

The answer depends on your individual situation, as such I cannot possibly state a time, as it would be wrong for me to do so. However, each Spell Bubble casted by Zanaea, will last until you have Found your way successfully, then it will slowly shrink down into nothingness. She would say, until you have met your goals or have reached a stable place, befitting your needs😊🙏🏻

*****Money Back Guarantee*****

  • In the case in which Zanaea is extremely busy, unable to complete her spells and you’d have to wait longer than a week for her to begin working for you- you may chose to get a Full refund.
  • In the case that Zanaea refuses your Petition for any reason, you may get a Full refund.
  • In the case that you’re not Satisfied with your results, you may chose to get a Full refund with no questions asked.

Thank you so much and Stay Blessed, Maria & Zanaea

*****Please don’t replace this with any medication, unless it is so advised by your doctor!