Spiritual Companions can come in 3 main categories known as :


HUMAN SPIRITS- these spirits have Lived a human life before,and make great companions especially for Beginner Spirit Keepers. They can be Intellectuals, Doctors, Teachers, Nuns, Old people, Guides and Advisors, Children, Witches& Warlocks of all sorts.

- They possess great empathy, understanding and respect for our choices and lifestyles,they´re up to date with modern times and can help with various things. Such as  companionship, decision making, comfort, anxiety removal, moving on, life changes, spell casting and last but not least, through their personal life experiences.

ELEMENTAL SPIRITS- these spirits have Always been around us, lingering within the Elemental realms, but never physically Alive in our Plane, nor experiencing life as we do. Shamans, Witches and Spiritually Oriented People have long known of their existence, and had been working with them. These people make some of the best keepers for these particular souls, as are those of us fully open to what they have to offer.

-these can be Faeries, Pixies, Werewolves, Vampires, Gargoyles, Gnomes, Dragons, Kitsune and more. They can understand, adapt rather quickly to our human kind and our lifestyles, for we´re no stranger to them and their kind, and had never been. They can come from One or More Elements such as Water, Air, Fire and Earth and they possess Highly Magical Abilities to help manifest our Wishes, in loyalty and love for their Keepers.

SERVING SPIRITS-these spirits have Never lived a human life and experiences as we do. They come from realms beyond our wildest imagination such as Heaven, Hell, Ether and more. They can be of many forms, formless and shape-shifting. They possess abilities in High Magic and seldom you`ll find a spirit is limited to one or only few categories of abilities to help us with. Most are Excellent Multitasking spirits, highly sought after by spiritualists and witches alike,however they can make an excellent choice for Beginner and Experienced spirit keepers as well.

-although they`re quite different with other spirits, they ´re also coming from their own realms, just like ours or Elemental´s. They`re subjects of their own realms and Laws of Magic. Their entire existence is to serve their keepers and do their biddings with loyalty and care, hence their popularity in the world of Magic and the Occult since ancient times. They also adapt rather quickly to their environment and keepers, since they are very familiar with our kind.They have been in human keep, or have been summoned to work with human kind all along their existence.

Now, regardless of their types, they should be treated with equal respect and goodwill, welcomed with enthusiasm and above all, sincerity and openness. This will ensure a strong bond with you.  I hope this information based on actual knowledge and experience as a born  Witch, Medium and Spirit keeper myself, helped you on your journey. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me via Whatsapp or the Contact Form provided in the Home Page.

Kind regards, Maria - Harmony Collection Boutique