For a smoother experience for you here are some of the rules of my webstore:

*For shipping,I will provide customers with tracking numbers for Any orders.*

*All of my adopters will be recieving 2 information sheets,sent along in your packages with Any orders regards bonding with their spirits and more care information for your companions in support,for a smoother experience with your adoptions

*After your purchase is Confirmed,each and every single spirit will go through a Free Unbinding process-(meaning you don't have to pay any Extra for this),which will remove all bonds and ties with me as their previous care-giver and adopter,and be ready for you as their new care-giver before they're put on their ways to meet You,for the best possible bonding process and a smoothest transition for them,in their new enviroments and homes.

*For Most Orders I will Process and Ship as soon as Same or Next Working day(also depending on the time difference),Except for Weekends-when the Courier will be closed.

*All Orders will be shipped using Fedex or DHL Express Courier Service to Prevent delays/losses of packages,for the convenience of both,my spirits and their adopters

*Most orders will be delivered within 3-5 days,maximum 3-7 days,depending on your location/weather conditions/customs clearance.

*Reservations are Accepted in the store to secure the spirit of your choice and make sure noone else is purchasing it before you,and they're highly recommended if you do not have the funds at the moment.

*Reservations are Only made for Spirited Items,and not products/curios.

*To Reserve any haunted item/doll just send me an Email or Whatsapp with the name of the Spirit you'd like to reserve,and either purchase a non refundable 20$ payment fee for 3 weeks reservation time (for spirits with costs Below 500$) found directly in the store, or contact me and I will gladly make a Custom Payment Fee for you,which you may also purchase in the store directly.

*The rules of Reservation will apply for Spirits with costs of Over 500$ and Above,10% of the total cost of the Spirit will be required for Reservation,however,and 8 maximum weeks is the reservation time.

*Reservations will be made as soon as your payment is recieved and confirmed and the Reservation fee of 10% of the total cost,that you're paying will be automatically deducted from your spirited item's total cost,so you're not paying Extra,you will be paying a Part of the Total cost of your spirited item.

*If your Reservation (of maximum 8 weeks) had reached its payment due date,and your Due Date IS Expired I Will Repost the item and Release your item from Reserve Immediately if purchase is not finalized,with no Refund whatsoever-(as my spirits are Family,and have the right to get a new home as soon as possible,and don't have to wait too long to meet their new adopters,as well as for other buyers to have the chance to get their favourite spirits)

*Know that All Reservations and Partial Payments are Non-refundable,so you may consider this prior to your reservation attempt,to avoid having to lose the funds.As meanwhile Spirit is reserved for someone,they may lose the chance to find a suitable home and will have to wait longer to get one

*Know that each item you may order in my store will be based on a First Come First served rule-I will refund payments for items that were Reserved,or On Hold in full if the items were Reserved by someone else before you.

*If you have Already Reserved a spirited item in my shop and for some reason you have Changed your mind,and do not wish to go through with your order,Know ALL Reservation fees and partial Payments are non refundable.You may,however switch your Current Reservation to another spirited item of your choice,but it will be Only for Once,and Only if your current reservation is still Active and not Expired

*Maximum of Reservations for haunted items/dolls will be of 5,to be fair and allow everyone to be able to purchase the spirit of their choice.

*If for some reason you wish to return an Item ordered through the website,you may do so,for a full refund-provided you will ship the item at your own cost,in no longer than 21 days since its arrival and the item reached in the original condition.For this you may contact me through the email/whatsapp provided in the Home Page.

*For shipping Overseas,know I do ship to Any country,Shipping Cost is Free Worldwide, and I will do my best to save all adopters the Taxes from Customs by declaring Lesser Value (you may contact me and update me on your minimum value declared preferences)on your packages,however I am Not Responssible for Import fees and taxes in your country.

********************For wonderers and adopters*********************
We're a spirit keeping comunity, family and friends
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*****Also regarding all spirited dolls or items in my shop,especially for new spirit keepers,I'm always here for you if you have any questions,to guide and support you on your journey,to bond and connect with your spirit.Feel free and confident to ask and to contact me by tapping on any of my social media channels,whatsapp or the email provided below.Just note that due to time difference,at times I will respond the Next working day.*****