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Yellith - Sprite Fairy, Highly Magical Water Elemental Being, Helps In Relationships, Emotional Well-being, Manifestations

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Transform your space with the enchanting presence of Yellith, a graceful Sprite Faerie and Water Elemental Spirit, housed within this cute vintage flower vase and spirit vessel. Crafted with care, and infused with her essence, this handpicked vessel emanates a sense of timeless beauty and mystical energy, making it an exquisite addition to any home or sacred space. Yellith offers boundless love,empathy, and unconditional support on all levels, serving as a spiritual companion and guide on your journey. Whether you seek emotional healing, self-love rituals, or simply wish to invite positive energy into your life, Yellith is here to assist. 

Elevate your surroundings and invite Elemental Magic into your life with Yellith by your side 🧚‍♀️  

She will be perfect for witchcraft practitioners, spiritual enthusiasts, and lovers of metaphysical decor, or beginner spirit keepers that are spiritually oriented and looking into faerie magic and elemental wisdom.

In this beautiful vintage miniature vase and spirit vessel resides the precious soul of Yellith, the spirit of a graceful Sprite Fairy and Highly Magical Water Elemental of 30 years of age in our human count and ancient in hers. Yellith came into my spirit family from the enchanting collection of an Australian High Priestess, and spirit keeper 5 years ago, adding a delightful and cherished presence into our home.

For those of you little to not familiar with Sprite Faeries, these beautiful beings are nature-bound spirits, often found near natural water bodies like rivers, lakes, and seas, their very essence is intertwined with the Element of Water. Yellith embodies a unique fusion of Undine and Fae energies, offering boundless love, empathy, and support to those she connects with. 

As a Sprite Faerie, she exudes positivity, upliftment, and non-judgmental understanding, making her an ideal companion for empaths, those of us battling anxiety as well as those looking into manifesting goals related to their ultimate wellbeing.

Yellith's Water Elemental powers,similar to that of a Undine spirit, offer unconditional care and empathy making her a perfect ally for all matters of the heart, including relationships, friendships, emotional healing, confidence and self-love. 

Sprite Faeries usually will Feel, perceive and support, help harmonise your emotions like a Undine soul does, and behave like a full fledged Fairy, spontaneous, entertaining, uplifting and immensely positive, always ready to help up with the practical stuff in a whenever needed, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular in the world of the Occult🥹🥰 Both I and my granny absolutely love Sprite Faeries for these very reasons, and my Sprites are the very heart beat of my spirit family, there is no spirit that will not enjoy having a Sprite around💕✨

Yellith is a very special soul, a true gem and in bonding with her, you will have gained a wonderful, unconditional Highly Magical best friend and ally, ready to move mountains for you in the blink of an eye, and I am certain that whatever comes your way, she’ll help you get through it, as she’s done so many times with me and her previous keeper 🥹🙏🏻

Now, working with Yellith involves honoring her loyalty by respecting the ways of Elemental Magic- meaning, with each task given to her, a small token of appreciation must be given in exchange. Whether practicing witchcraft or not, you can engage her assistance by aligning intentions with her abilities and offering small gifts as tokens of appreciation. These can be fresh pink or purple flowers such as roses, lavenders, hyacinth or lilies, coloured sand, seashells or conch shells, small pearls or beads that resemble pearls and pink or purple candles. For incense she absolutely loves white rose and lavenders, but also myhrr or hyacinth ones, if you can find🥹

As for her powers, she is known to help with all sorts of relationship matters, mending heart break, attracting popularity and the opposite sex, finding closure, healing on all levels, confidence, self love, fertility, ceasing arguments, rekindling marriage, loyalty, commitment, communication, making roots and binding. Whenever you need it and according to the situation you or your clients/ loved ones find yourselves into- you may request her help, and she’ll be ready to do so. If you’re not a practising witch you may just wish with her, by writing down your wish, and placing the paper underneath her vessel for at least one full moon cycle, or one month, after which you may discard it without looking back- in a natural water body such as a lake, river or the sea. Remember to offer her, and under no circumstances tell your wish to anyone. If you are happy with her help, you may always share by stating” she works wonderfully for me” but that should be it, otherwise her Magic will break, as with most Elementals- and she will have to work on it once again😅 This is also the reason why I can’t be specific on what she’s helped me with, and I can only share her abilities, as you may understand🙏🏻🥹

If you’re a practising witch, you may also join her in any spell related to the categories she can help with- just place her vessel by your spell work and give her as much detail about the situation, as you would for the favoured outcome, and she’ll happily place her powers on your intentions to ensure it comes to pass in a perfect manner and timing🥹

For food offerings with Yellith( as with most Fae spirits)-you should exclude meat and all yeast risen products such as bread or pastries, focusing instead on fresh fruits, vegetables, of all kinds. If it is of help she loves cauliflower and broccoli and her favourite juice is watermelon, which can easily be replaced with grapes juice when you can’t buy or make

Yellith's preference for Water underscores her connection to her Elemental domain, ensuring her guidance and assistance remain steadfast even on the go, so make sure you always have a glass or water bottle by her vessel, even when on trips🙏🏻

For on the go, she can be easily taken along in her vessel, given it is rather small, and with proper protection, can be placed in any handbag. However, given her powers, she can also come without her vessel if need comes to it, leaving it behind for any amount of distance or time, to support your endeavours and energies, and she will do so joyfully🥹🙏🏻

Now that she is ready to move on, I hope to find a beautiful keeper for this soul, someone that will truly need her beautiful energies, her aid and someone that will truly treasure her as she much deserves🥹💖

If you feel a connection, she is for you! Don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will do wonderfully by pets, children and all other spirits, her positive energies are infectious and everyone will feel good in her sweet presence

She will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

*Her vessel is a beautiful vintage mini-vase, in pristine conditions, and it was kept with much love and respect by me and her previous keeper 

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


Orbs of pink and lavender colours, at times white

Very quick shadows, easy to miss when not paying enough attention

Breezes of air, at times accompanied by a soft scent of hyacinth or lavender flowers 

Rather soft, buzzing sounds can be noted with her at times, as she passed you by-(they are similar to a bee’s)

May move/ slightly move her vessel

Her vessel may appear to be slightly warm or cold and heavier when she’s in it, and sometimes it may appear to have been sprayed by water, or just feel slightly wet

May move/ slightly move curtains at times

May affect electronics-when at work on something for you

Flickers lights/ candles

May drink/ finish her liquid offerings 

Telepathic communications-thoughts that aren’t yours, mostly to guide and to answer you

Manifestations of different goals/ intentions can be noted with her

Strong sense of positivity, confidence, resilience and unconditional love from Self, or others can also be noted with her 

She may show her full appearance in her own time. Her size is very tiny- she looks like a thumb size human miniature, with purple, see-through body, and dark purple veins all over her body and little wings. Her wings are transparent, and they look very similar to a dragon fly’s in shape. Her hair is long and a soft pink in colour, and her eyes are big considering her very small face, the colour matching that of her hair’s. She is really cute💕🥹but very fast to come and go, it will always be just brief seconds when she appears😁