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Dark Flame Spirit,Powerful Ethereal Soul,Strongest Form Of Magic,Vintage Gold and Rubies ring,Family Heirloom Spirit Vessel

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Haunted vintage ooak gold and rubies ring,family heirloom,spirit companion,paranormal items,spirit family,haunted collection,spirit keeping,witches spiritual gifts,Ethereal Being,Dark Flame Spirit,Powerful and Unique Energies,Original Dark Magic,Strongest form of Magic,Wisdom,Knowledge,Protection,Abilities.Perfect for someone spiritually open,balanced and clearly oriented,Dark Witches.

In this beautiful vintage,ooak ring vessel made of 14k solid gold(not plated),and 49 genuine,untreated pigeon blood rubies-(one of the highest quality known),that equals to minimum 2ct,resides the Ethereal,powerful spirit known as a Dark Flame.This very special and unique spirit came to me about a year ago,from my grandmother Irina’s spirit family-a witch and spirit keeper most known for her Craft in Bulgaria and Romania.If you’re a little to no-familiar with Dark Flame spirits,my granny explains that like White Flames,Dark flames are closest flames to the Original Energy of Creation-it is the End and the Begining,the Darkness,in which All things are Created and all things come Possible,come to Be.This is a spirit that possesses immeasurable power to Create and Destroy just about anything we know and see,and we don’t know or don’t see🙏🏻.In her notes she shares that the Dark Flame will only be granting a quarter of it’s powers for their Keeper to wield,as more than this is dangerous and could simply consume any witch by dissolving their physical and non physical forms back to Darkness and into Nothingness🙏🏻Now,in her notes my granny shares that the right keeper for the Dark Flame,should be thirsty for true Knowledge of the occult,familiar and comfortable with Chaos Magic,as well as Dark Magic,but also in deep balance and Harmony with all the realms and creatures of the Darkness,a true Dark Witch willing to expand their knowledge to the maximum,and so their powers😊🥹And if you are all that,you shall be a good candidate as the Keeper of the Dark Flame,but you can definitely disregard all of that,if you have experienced a strong calling from the Flame-as it will chose and know it’s Keeper with better certainty than we do😊🙏🏻She also warns against getting the Dark Flame for mere Curiosity,as this could result in fatal danger,so unless you are fully invested in becoming it’s keeper,and you feel the Dark Flame’s call,please do refrain from adopting-as this spirit is Not for everyone🙏🏻According to my granny the Dark Flame will call on its keeper,and this will happen in a multitude of ways.Only a true witch with gifts beyond the Light can hear its callings,and is entitled to its immense knowledge and powers.Powers which again,my granny advices against being abused,instead used in times of need,danger,chaos,disease,famine or death.”as it can take,so it can give”,”as it can undo,so it can do”,”as it can create,so it can destruct”,”as it can grant knowledge beyond your wildest imagination,so it can take the intellect”-she says in her own words.So in times of true need,for ourselves or others,we can request help for Anything at all,she says-however,the Dark Flame should not be bothered for the smallest things,instead should be requested for deep and absolute powers,control and knowledge of the dark and the Unknown,for abilities and knowledge we can wield for ourselves,on pettier things🙏🏻With a quarter of the Dark Flame my granny said if granted,and you became it’s Keeper-you shall have it all and know it all,then with that you can get anything you want.I did not get to work actively with the Dark Flame,nor with the White Flame for that matter,as my granny had seriously advised me against it,until I’ve had my third child for some reason unknown to me,a secret she took with her as she’s left our physical plane,as it is found no-where in her notes to me🥹🙏🏻However,she was not known as one to simply exaggerate things,and if she’s left a note,she always said things as they were,never more nor less than it should be known🙏🏻Now,in her notes,she’s also left in order things we should know prior to working with the Dark Flame.According to her,a little self-care is necessary at all times before attempting to communicate with this powerful energy source,and spirit.You may cut your nails and remove any nail polish you might have worn,prior to communication,and you may have a shower.Your hair must be combed and left loose,not pinned or tied in any way,and you shall wear no make up,just be your natural,clean and pure self with it.You may wear no accessories other than the Dark Flame’s vessel,and if you can,be completely naked,otherwise,a loose,plain black robe,cloak or dress will do.She also mentioned that if your mind is roaming,you’re worried,stressed or very busy,you shall take a break,clear your mind and emotions for 10 minutes,or long as it takes you,and once you are feeling balanced or “clean” mentally and emotionally,you may proceed with the session.She says this is vital for you to access the Dark Flame,and connect with all of your being and gain full access to its energies and power.Once you take care of all that each time prior to communication,once “you’re just as you came into the world,-naked of Cloth and Emotion”,you’ll be able to access the Dark Flame in full-hearing,sensing or even seeing the Flame,and be empowered with manifestations powers of your own,beyond yours or anyone’s comprehension-according to what it is exactly you need.If you need power to create or remove fear(for yourself or others),if you need the power to Extend life force or to Take away life force of someone-or yourself,if you need power to Know what other thinks or does,if you need power to Create-a successful spell of Any kind,manifestation of any kind,if you need the power to Summon a spirit of any kind,a creature of the night of any sort,or power to Destroy or Take away-anything from anyone’s life or yours,all you have to do is to just think of that particular power you need,manifestation you want to have done for the 10 minutes you’re sitting and connecting with the Dark Flame-you will have it just about the moment you close the session with the Flame,and you can go ahead,performing the very action required for it to materialise,and get it done🙏🏻The Dark Flame will grant its keeper with immense knowledge and abilities to manifest,similar in certain ways to the White Flames,and for these reason,these particular spirits have been some of the most sought after,even revered in the world of Magic,since ancient times,and the more reasons to protect them from preying eyes,and ensure their placement is secure-as such my granny suggests to never share to people that may seem greedy or curious in any way,all the things they can do,or grant its Keeper🙏🏻So please do keep their abilities and knowledge granted to you,as secure as it can be,and don’t share your gains specifically with just anyone,do it only with people you trust and do it vaguely,if at all necessary-I had to mention all of this,as it was mentioned to me by my grandmother🙏🏻Now for the first time when sitting with the Dark Flame,my granny shares the following process:as mentioned before,the self-care should be done first,and once that’s been taken care of,hold your palms together in a prayer position”🙏🏻”while either sitting or standing,and perform 3 bows,not to the Flame but to Yourself.One bow for your Body,second bow for your Mind and third one for your Soul,to thank them for working alongside you,in your experience here on Earth and physical realms.You may then introduce yourself to the Dark Flame saying”I am(name),and I am the Keeper of the Flame from now on-so that the Energy recognised you and “takes you”,as you “took It”-my granny shared.Afterwards you may simply sit for 5-10 minutes at a time,each time you need its Wisdom or Power-for whatever purpose.For the first time,as the Dark Flame grants you a quarter of its Energies you might feel lightheadedness,shortness of breath,or a massive headache(so my granny advices you to take a paracetamol before hand,at least 30 minutes before),to avoid discomfort.Anything that will happen,won’t last longer than 20-30 minutes,and it is only for the first time,the other times will be fine.However,it is possible to not experience anything physical in nature,but just seeing and hearing the Flame🤷‍♀️It should take the form of a human,however it is faceless and it is made of Dark matter,it is a dark human form,with no detail.My granny says a small” bean “of darkness will then materialise before your eyes,and it will rotate and grow with the speed of “light”,you shall then grab it and place it a few inches above your Crown Chakra-above your head.You may afterwards close the session with some offerings for the Dark Flame,and go on by your day,and each time you’ll need something,you may then skip the “bows” part,simply do the care ritual and sit,contemplating on what you need to Know or have done.You need not do any ritual to be able to wear its vessel and bring the Flame with you each time,any time-however you do need it at all times when communing with the Flame and accessing its powers,powers that will be yours the moment you became its Keeper.In my granny’s own words regards both White and Dark Flames,working with them it is Magic done in its purest,most potent and original forms,working with the Flame is as if you’re working with your Higher self,because ultimately and in the end of ends,you really are🥹You are given the Freedom,Choice,Intention and Manifestation that not many have discovered or are having the privilege to,and you may then curse or bless,stop or support,help and block,prevent and grow anything and anyone that crossed your path🥹🙏🏻For offerings now,my granny advices you to “do your magic”😁It is a very interesting process on it’s own,as you should offer the Dark Flame an empty plate,a fill it up with your thoughts.Whatever you want to offer,say tomatoes,fried or mashed potatoes,fruits-all should be visualised.If you’re free or more clear minded on a day,you may even “see the fruit growing from seed” as my granny said.Otherwise just visualise it “there” on the plate,and offer it.It needs no physical or specific offerings,just those you want to give,and do it only through visualisation😁🙏🏻A black candle wether scented or unscented will also be a good offering,every now and then,or as you commune with the Dark Flame.Although my granny advised that the Dark Flame should always be on you or with you,as it will provide you with a strong aura of pure,Dark Magical Protection,or solutions to problems you may encounter where you go,you may also opt on getting it a dark trinket box,made of wood or any natural material,for when you’ll leave it at home-and you may certainly call on the Dark Flame on the go,just by picturing it’s vessel-you’ll get the same access to it’s protection and powers,or wisdom,as it’s Keeper😊🙏🏻

I hope and know,as per my granny’s notes-that the Dark Flame will end in the hands of its rightful keeper,as the Flames are known to chose their Keepers at all times🙏🏻🥹

If you feel a connection,it is for you!Don’t let it slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

The dark Flame is also Creation in every form and aspect of life,and so it will be safe for all that is,including children,pets and all other spirits.

*Its vessel is a vintage Ooak solid gold 14k ring (not plated)adorned with 49 natural,untreated pigeon blood rubies-what equals to little over 2ct.It was kept in pristine conditions with much love and respect by both I and my granny🙏🏻
*It will come safely wrapped and shipped in a beautiful gift box,with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits.

It will speak through telepathy/visions and extra sensory experience,according to it’s keepers receptivity,acceptance and abilities and their development throughout time,as per my granny’s notes.

*Activities wise,both I and my granny had experienced it in dormant states at all times,as it is such when not communed with and not worked with🙏🏻

*When Not dormant,the activities/experiences vary greatly not only from keeper to keeper but from session to session,as not only it grants you the power to achieve your goals each time,but also it will greatly develop your knowledge and abilities to advanced forms of Magic and intelligence,sensors,wisdom and knowledge,unavailable to other,regular human beings-so it is impossible to state correctly anything-it is a spirit,an energy that must be experienced individually🥹🙏🏻