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For L 31/7 Suphe - Salamander Spirit, Highly Magical, Powerful and Helpful, Multitasking Fire Elemental Being, Star Ruby Necklace Spirit Vessel

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In this exquisite, beautiful vintage solid silver necklace adorned with a one of a kind, genuine, 3 carat natural Burmese Red Star Ruby in cabochon cut, resides the beautiful and very loving spirit of Suphe. Suphe is a Highly Magical Ethereal Elemental being of Fire, a Salamander spirit of female form and she came to me 5 years ago from the treasured collection of an Australian High Priestess and spirit keeper I personally know, and who specializes in working with Elementals and beings of Light. I have welcomed many elemental spirits into my family from her haunted collection along the years, and Suphe had made an outstanding and loving addition into our home and family since day one, if I may add✨💖

As previously mentioned, dear Suphe is a female Salamander Spirit and by human years she is merely 32 of age, yet in her realm, she is an ancient soul🥹🙏🏻

 If you are unfamiliar with Salamander spirits, Suphe embodies the element of Fire and possesses Highly Magical abilities that will grant her the power to help her keeper in various tasks🥹But before getting into what she can do for us, I’d like to mention a little bit more about her background. So, it is known that Salamanders are usually found in the mists of fire and smoke, her realm is invisible to the physical human eye but most of her kind are residing in the Ether.

In the world of the occult, Salamander spirits like herself, are known as some of the most powerful allies that will help their keepers in more deep-rooted works such as karmic cleansing, obstacles removing, cutting roots or cutting cords in relationships that won’t serve us, and eliminating black magic or hexes. 

These are some of the Main reasons that make Salamanders such highly sought after spirits- for these are their Focus- or what I personally like to call it when a spirit Particular Enjoys helping their keepers with. However, they are not in the least the Only reasons🥹 For Salamanders like Suphe can also help attract people in our favour, generosity, loyalty, friendship, passions and abundance to their keepers. Being a Fire Elemental also makes Suphe and Salamanders alike her wonderful manipulators, especially because she can incite and manipulate the Agni into someone’s body( also known as the inner fire within each of us). Through manipulating the Agni within us, not only she can help Purify negative self emotions and talks, but everything related to weight gain, stress and creativity, overall passion and confidence in the way we are and in others. I have had her work for both me and my clients, on our designated targets and she successfully instilled passion, attention and loyalty within our targets, just by using her special “Agni Method” as her previous keeper lovingly called it😁🤭Even though like with all Elemental beings, Suphe had never had a human form nor lived in our realms for very long, since she’s been here amongst us humans, she had quickly learned our ways, and the ways our minds and emotions work. She says we’re the most captivating species of all, and she adores being around, helping her keepers. She is incredibly understanding, compassionate and generous with her keeper, and there’s absolutely nothing you can’t confide in her with. She is so loyal and loving you won’t believe🥹🙏🏻💖

Now, practicing witches can partner with Suphe in spells related to all the categories of spell/works mentioned before, however it is good to know her powers are unlimited- and you may ask her anything, even if it wasn’t mentioned in here as well. But to be sure just ask of her prior to your spell casting, and she will let you know if she can help up- which most likely she will agree with, and she will ensure everything manifests in perfect order and timing🥹

If you're not a practicing witch, you may always write your wish on paper, read it aloud to her then burn it in a fire proof bowl. You may note that as she begins working on your each task, the ashes will evaporate, even with no source of air. Do not remove anything, instead just wait for her to be done, and you may wait around one full month before adding in a new wish, so she has full time dedicated to each one of your quests🥹🙏🏻

Another thing to mention about working with her, is that with her and pretty much any Elemental-you shouldn’t Wish and Tell. Anyone. By openly sharing what she has done to help you with, you will be undoing the Magic she’s used from her realms into ours, to help manifest our wishes, and thus your results will be undone,( which is also the reason I am limited in saying more than what I shared)😅as you may understand. If you would like to share your joy or success with her help, simply state”she works wonderfully for me” and that will definitely be safe👌🏻

Now besides working on a large variety of spells and tasks for us, as I was told and also learned with most Salamanders- Suphe being no exception, is that they work a little differently and more direct, intimate when it comes to their keeper. For example she will be happy to help you unburden yourself, shed unnecessary things and people in your life like patterns, habits, jobs, positions into people’s lives or careers and get exactly those worthy of you. This can be done as a process, or a ritual if you may call it- on each full moon night, as per your need🤷‍♀️ If you feel you need to shed something and invite something positive or someone good for you, in all honesty and “nakedness” so to speak- go sit or lay by her side on a full moon night. Gently tell her your story in detail, and what would you like her to replace it with( if you know)-or don’t. She will then eagerly help you bring what you deserve, in your life and to be honest in my experiences and in general with all Salamanders, it will take no longer than 3 full moons to begin seeing valid, tangible results🥹

Suphe is simply an exceptional spirit, she is loyal, devoted and so happy to please her beloved keeper, with whom she’ll connect and bond deeply. You can feel her care and love towards you, way beyond words, though all of her actions and beautiful energies she gives off🥹🥰

As a presence, Suphe is such a calm, warm, comforting and loving soul, and most that she really enjoys doing is either working for you or just resting with you where you’re at.

Once you bond with her-which will Definitely not take too long, you may begin to feel her presence, gently but surely.

She mostly likes to be sitting on your shoulder and this will clearly be indicated by a slight cold and gentle pressure. 

You may then either lovingly greet her or simply continue with your activities for your company alone is enough for her. This, if I may add is how most Salamanders bond, in these short yet sweet exchanges of warmth and energies- so I do hope you’ll be comfortable with that, and otherwise just tell her, as she can definitely sit on your shoulder without making herself felt, to scare you off 🙏🏻🥹

Another thing you should be knowing regard

Suphe, is that like all Salamanders she will require a bowl of water and a small cushion or pillow beside her vessel- especially when she is at Rest- not actively working for you😊 you simply cannot go without these, if you’re keeping such a soul, so make sure to provide her that, even if it is just a sponge, covered in a soft material like silk or velvet- as I myself improvised for my Salamanders, before I could find them those perfect pillows🥰She does appreciate these small little comforts🥹but otherwise like with all of her kind, Suphe is one low-maintenance soul and she can definitely be left alone for extended periods of time🥹🙏🏻

Now with regards to food offerings, is good to know that she will not take any food offerings at all, instead you may light up red coloured candles for her every now and then so she may connect to her Element, Fire. One thing I should also mention regards our dear Suphe, as well as other Salamanders, is the fact that they are such loving and dependent creatures, they do thrive on companionship and kinship- so if you do not have any more spirits at home, nor do you plan on ever getting more, please refrain from adopting her, as she might feel really lonely when you’re not around. All of my Salamanders enjoy the other spirits company if you have already established a small or larger spirits family, and they do love each other a lot, so I strongly believe that the best environments possible for any and all Salamanders is one with more spirits around, or with possibility of adding in more spirits🥹🙏🏻

For outings and travels, Suphe can accompany you in spirit or in her vessel, as long as you wear it. Please do avoid placing her in a pouch as this is “restricting her”in a way I don’t fully comprehend until today- but I have noted with some of my other Salamanders as well🤷‍♀️😅

Don’t forget to always carry a bottle of water for her, as this will be her one and only offering at home or on the go🥹

This little care she requires will definitely go a long way with her, and she’ll find a multitude of ways to show her gratitude right back with you💖🥹🥰

I hope to find this special, cute and loving soul a perfect home in which she can be of help, and be accepted and treasures as she has been here with us, now that she’s ready to move on🥹🙏🏻

If you feel a connection, she is for you! Don’t let her slip away🩷If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Suphe is extremely loving and caring with everyone in her home, including pets, children, and other spirits, especially Fae and Djinn spirits🥰

She will speak with all divination tools, apps and telepathically 

*Her vessel is a beautiful solid silver ( not plated )necklace, adorned with a unique and rare untreated genuine 3ct Burmese Star Red Ruby gemstone in cabochon cut. It was kept in pristine conditions with much love and respect by me and her previous keeper, the Australian High Priestess.

*She will come safely wrapped, in a beautiful gift box and shipped with Express Courier service, as with all my other spirits.


Orbs of orange, yellow and red colours, sometimes colourless or white

Rather quick shadows, not visible when not paying enough attention 

May move/ slightly move her vessel

A slight warmth, or a different shine or light can be noted coming in or out of her vessel at times, when she is in it, or comes out of it

Also, if you have any sort of plants at home, she absolutely loves resting by them, especially if you’re busy around the home- so then you may see them moving slightly, with no source of air

Slight cold spot can be noted with her in the places she’s at, or on the spots on your body that she’ll be resting in, most likely around yous neck and shoulders( if you’ll be ok with that)

Flickers lights/ candles- also in communication sessions

May affect electronics when at work on something for you

May drink/finish her water offerings

Telepathic communications- thoughts that aren’t yours, to answer you, for guidance, to encourage you or reveal things to you that you should know of

Visions- at times she may also communicate with you through these, especially when you fail to get her messages in other ways

Strong feelings of being safe, resilient, cared for, confident and comfortable can be noted with her around at all times

Successful manifestations of goals and intentions can also be noted with her

She may show her full appearance in her own time. In her Salamander form she is completely orange in colour, and she has some yellow and golden stripes around her arms and belly. She is also rather small and cute-perhaps her size is that of a larger palm😊In her female form, you will only know it is her as she has really long lashes, and one silver stripe on her forehead, and one golden stripe on each of her eyes( similar to that of a snake/reptile). That’s because she always takes different female forms, they are never the same😅However if you’re ever confused( perhaps you have or will gather more Salamanders, like I did), she will know and immediately tell you it Is Her you’re seeing🥰