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🌸Start a Custom Order of your Very Own Spirit Doll at Harmony Collection Boutique!🌸

*****Please do make sure you go through all the information provided in this listing,so to avoid any misunderstanding,and if you have any questions you are welcome to contact me Before purchasing it😊🙏🏻*****

How you should prepare:

Think of what would you like in your Spirit Doll,if you are or you’re not very particular in chosing your spirit companion,first of all😊

*If you’re not that particular,you may simply consult with me by directly reaching out to my email/whatsapp provided in the Home Page,and tell me a little bit about yourself(if you ever owned a spirit doll before,if you have more spirits,pets,children,any health issues,and whatever you feel relevant),there is no rule here,so feel confident to express yourself and if you have any concerns.You may also leave it up to my psychic abilities to chose a perfect fit for you💗

*If you are more particular,please think of the spirit you have in mind,for example:

What sort of vessel size would you like-a small,normal sized or larger size?

What sort of vessel would you prefer?-a jewellry piece,a decorative item or a doll?

What sort of spirit would you like to have? -a human companion or an Elemental(like djinns,faeries,undines,pixies,elves,angelic entities,serving entities,lower realm entities,etc)

What sorts of traits/abilities would you like your spirit to have?-positive,negative,magical abilities,healing abilities,protective abilities,reversing or revenge abilities,multi-tasking abilities?

And lastly,please consider your budget and think if you can expand it or not at all.

What you should know:

By preparing yourself with all mentioned above,it will save us both some time,and you and your spirit companion will be able to meet sooner,rather than later!😊

Know that all Spirit Companions offered for Custom Orders are Highly Adaptable,Safe in all sorts of enviroments,perfectly capable of comunicating through the use of most tools and apps,and are fully ready to be rehomed.

You can always feel free to discuss with me beforehand for any other enquiries,as this is all about YOU,your journey and intimate experience❤️

*Know that this listing is Only meant to begin your process of a Custom Spirit adoption,as such you will only get your spirit once you have confirmed and paid in full the spirit cost,according to their individual cost,and you’re not currently purchasing a tangible item.
*Please note this may take a fair amount of time,as I am going to confirm with my spirits one by one,who is willing to be rehomed,and share with you their pictures,and a Short Bio Data with their details and cost-these spirits have not yet been seen by anyone else but You🌹
*The amount of 60$ will be automatically deducted of your spirit cost once I am listing it up,in the shop(meaning,you through this purchase you will be paying a part of the total cost of your spirit,whichever that may be)
*There will be No Reservation for your spirit companion-meaning,Only Purchase This Option If You Are Willing to adopt On Spot
*There will be no refund if you refuse to go through with your purchase,as I’ve had many people requesting on custom orders and then refusing to go through with their purchases in the past,I am not one to chase or force an adoption,but this is taking time and energy,from both me and my spirits,I am only human and only have this much of energy,running a shop,my family and my spirits family,and I hope you can respect and understand that🙏🏻😊
*I will only keep the payment if you refuse to go through with your adoption within 1 day of confirmation.
*All Spirits will be packed with love and care,come with extras and will be shipped with International Express Currier Service on their way to you,and it shall take min. 3-7 days to arrive at your doorsteps,wherever you are located💗