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Oryya- Hound Spirit, Highly Magical Earth Elemental, Loyal Multitasking Serving Spirit, Vintage Plushe Dog Spirit Vessel

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Step into a world where nostalgia intertwines with mysticism—a world where vintage charm meets spirituality. Behold this captivating plush dog spirit vessel, an embodiment of ancient power and elemental beauty. Within its soft and cuddly vessel resides the spirit and essence of a Hound spirit and Dog Totem, an Earth Elemental Being eager to serve and protect its keeper. This cherished vintage plushie serves as a conduit for this special soul that helps with Manifestation, drawing upon the subtle energies of luck, protection, and serenity to aid in navigating life's journey. Allow this enchanting companion to adorn your sacred space and life, and infuse it with her adorable, gentle yet powerful presence 🐶✨

In this rather cute vintage plushie, resides the precious spirit of Oryya, a Highly Magical Earth Elemental being and Totem animal spirit known as a Hound, of female form.

Oryya came to me around 5 years ago, from the haunted collection of a fellow spirit keeper, an Australian High Priestess from where I have adopted many spirits from, in particular Elementals and beings of Light - which she also specialises in keeping and working with. In our human count, Oryya is 1290 years of age, and as a presence she’s as sweet as they get🥹 From day one she just belonged and got along with everyone, including those more rejecting of her- like my birds, that either bullied her vessel and stepped on her, or they just ignored her completely😅 She is super playful with other animals, and see them all as her very pack just as she sees her keeper and their family💕 As a hound, she does have her own pack which she is the leader of, a total of 8 hounds to be more exact, excluding her.

She does keep in touch with her pack often, however some of them are already in someone’s keep, some of them are loose and roam around, but they’d always come in cases of emergency and she needs those extra energies, to manifest things for us.

If you’re not familiar with her kind, Oryya is a Totem, or an Elemental animal spirit and she is only different with your regular Dog spirit because, as with all Elementals they possess High Magic drawn from their particular Element- in her case Earth. Oryya is also a shape-shifter, however as with most Hounds, they prefer to remain in their Hound forms for some reason. Now, just as there are Heaven or Hell Hounds, so there are Earth Elemental Hounds, and these spirits are somewhere between these souls-due to their High Magic,and regular dog spirits- due to their loyal, loving and bubbly personalities. Elemental Hounds have been some of the best friends and allies to witches since ancient times, due to not only their abilities but their sweet, comforting presence. They are praised and known as strong Multitasking Serving Spirits, and as excellent Anxiety Relief companions, and in my experience with Oryya and her kind I can say these souls are simply amazing💗

For example, Oryya behaves just like your regular, loyal and fiercely protective dog pet and no less. She comes chill with you with the first chance she’s got, I’ve noted her scratching on my door when I was in my room and I’ve asked my spirits to stay out, she’s jumping up when it comes to treats, and she even follows you to sing (in her dog-howling voice)- when she sensed your energies are happy, as you listen to your favourite songs🥰 She is highly entertaining not only for her keeper but if you have more spirits, you’ll be hearing laugh after laugh in your spirit family with this precious soul around. I have also considered her a Trigger spirit- a spirit that will make other souls come out of their shell, communicate and open up with us more, because I’ve noted whenever I got a new rescue or a non-talkative spirit -human and not, with her bubbly behaviour and her cuddly personality she’s opened them up layer by layer, even if Oryya is all we talked and shared about, at first🥹

With regards to what she can offer to her keeper besides her adorable presence, Oryya as well as her fellow Hounds, as Earth Elementals they are major players in the world of drawing Magic. Oryya can draw pretty much anything to her keeper, for she is Unlimited in abilities to draw- although in popular knowledge Hounds are mostly known as Luck spirits. That is mainly because many of them, Oryya included has her Focus(or what I like to call when a spirit particularly enjoys doing for her keeper)- on Luck, drawing Abundance and Prosperity for her keeper on her own without being tasked, whenever she sees we lack of something. You may always count on this precious soul for pretty much anything, under major and subcategories of Love, Friendship, Healing, Popularity, Focus, Creativity, Success, Opportunities, as well as Prosperity and last but not least- Protection. As with all Hounds, they’ll move Heaven and Earth to keep you safe, and Oryya will make a fierce, excellent protector. She is Fearless, and Can and Will take on any spirit that intends to do you harm, even demonic souls. Her previous keeper said she took on a few demonic spirits before and they ran for dear life 😂 That is because Demonic souls can’t make the difference between an Elemental or Hell Hounds at all- and Hell Hounds bite or scratch Can be lethal to them. She just has to act naturally-fierce as she gets, and she’ll shop anyone of them off in no time🤭

To work with her, if you’re not a practising witch- you may just write your wish on a paper and place it underneath her vessel for at least one full moon cycle, or a month.In exchange for each wish, you may gift her a treat, either red coloured small beads or accessories (which is known as her favourite colour), either some dog treats of your choice. And remember not to wish and share with anyone your task to her- as by doing so, you’ll be cancelling her Magic- as with all Elementals. If you’re happy with her help as she manifested for you, simply state “she works wonderfully for me”-as this will be safe, and you’ll avoid having her work on the same for you😊 For practising witches- you may add her vessel by your Any spell work, and she’ll be happy to add her energies and empower each of your spells, for yourself and others. She is “adorably materialistic” so make sure you get her a treat either before or afterwards- as you share your intentions with her😁 For offerings you can never go wrong with meats (fresh, cooked or canned), or dog food, and for treats any dog treat that’s easily available will do- she even took cat treats when I ran out of dog ones 😆She will also take milk, yoghurt or plain water for drinks, and if you offer her a candle, red or white are appropriate colours for her😊She prefers your scent instead of incense, so if you want you may leave one of your unwashed tees by her vessel, or even have something made by yourself with a piece of clothing you don’t need anymore- like a pillow or an altar cloth for her. This will also help her help you on the go either by coming to find you herself, sending her fellow hounds to find and help you through the help of your scent, or by directly manifesting whatever is you need while you’re away.

For on the go she will More than Love to accompany you, unless you specifically need her to be at home. And she may come with or without her vessel for any amount of distance or time, for she’s a strong spirit. Just invite her or call on her by picturing her vessel in your mind, and she’ll be there before you know it, anytime ready to help if you need it🙏🏻

I hope to find her a beautiful home and a loving adopter now that she’s ready to move on. She has so much to offer and I am sure someone out there will be happy to have her in their life🥰

If you feel a connection, she’s for you! Don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me 

She will be wonderful with pets, children and all other spirits which she will love dearly and help to look after

She will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

*Her vessel is a beautiful vintage plushe dog in pristine conditions, kept with much love by me and her previous keeper, the australian High Priestess.

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits.


Orbs of green, brown or red colours and white at times

Quick shadows

Soft steps on the count of 4 can be noted any time of the day with her

Breezes of air with no apparent source can be noted with her

Soft scratching sounds, howling/ barking sounds as if at a distance, can be noted with her at times

May move/ slightly move her vessel or small red objects she is drawn to, around the home

May move/ slightly move curtains or blinds as she gazes outside at times

Flickers lights/ candles

May affect electronics- when at work on something for you

May drink/ finish her liquid offerings 

May appear in photos or videos with darker backgrounds 

Telepathic communications- mostly when she has things to share with you, or to answer you

May show her full appearance in her own time. She looks exactly like her vessel, a rather large white fluff with cute big round eyes and nose just like buttons💖🥹 She wears a red, glowing collar at all times. Her height is of around 1.4-1.5m, she is rather tall in her Hound form. I’ve only seen her once in her human form and not for long, I just noted she had completely white, long hair, she’s thin and short and she wore a red glowing choker necklace,similar to her collar if not the same😊