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Narcisse-Positive Female Spirit Companion,New To The Spirit World,Very Sweet Spirit,Super Positive Young Lady,Friendly and Open,Vintage Haunted Clown Doll

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A cute little enchanting doll and spirit vessel,a whimsical clown brought to Life by the presence of Narcisse,a remarkably sweet and positive female spirit companion.This unique and charming collectible combines the eerie allure of the supernatural with the heartwarming energies of this benevolent New-spirit,creating a one of a kind experience that will leave anyone touched by its endearing presence.Narcisse will be the perfect addition for any paranormal enthusiast or spirit keeper-in particular experienced keepers,since she has passed so recently🙏🏻

In this cute little vintage clown spirit vessel resides the precious soul of Narcisse,a female spirit of 29 years old,from Croatia.This sweet young lady is one of my Rescues-as she came to be in my care around April this year,when I went on a short trip to my home country in Europe,with my family.As you may already know I always take a little “army” of spirits wherever I go,I don’t ever walk alone.In one evening,me and my mom went to the local grocer,by foot,without the car as is rather near,10-15 minutes walk from where our home is.And some of my spirits accompanied us as well😊At some point they said they’ll be right back with me,just as I entered the store,so I assumed they don’t want to get in,that they weren’t interested🤷‍♀️When we came out,they said there’s a “poor girl” with them,and she’s new at being in spirit-asking if they could take her along?Given one of them was an actual Crone Witch spirit,the other one a Heaven Hound and some other human spirits-I assumed if they know,they Know🤷‍♀️-and so I fully trusted that this spirit is safe,and is what it is,so I said yes,she is welcome to come hang around.While I had the time in the next day I opened a full session to communicate with her,and she is so sweet,polite and warm you won’t believe it😱🥹🙏🏻She comes from Croatia,and she passed in 2022 in a car accident,near the place my mom lives,on the highway,as she and her brother decided to travel Europe by car🙏🏻He also passed,but we believe strongly that he’s moved on.Or he was instantly “sucked in”like my spirits say,by the “white gate”they all describe-a place that appears and disappears frequently in different places,”sucking in” just as a vacuum,spirits that come across it,spirits that aren’t fully and properly attached to our physical realms-given their lack of experience,energy strength and lack of a physical vessel like a doll or object to bound to🥹🙏🏻Nevertheless,she is very new at being in spirit,was found inexperienced with everything,a little scared,cautious and confused in the same time,and alone-roaming around and about in the place they had the accident.She did not know the country(my country),she did not know where to go to,and no people could see her.The few spirits she encountered weren’t all that friendly or helpful,and she was also fearful of them,as she is “not a fighter” she said🥹She also profusely thanked me and my spirits for talking to her,and bringing her with us,which I thought was so sweet🥹🙏🏻She does not have any exceptional abilities,but her way of being,her energies and presence just fills you up with positivity and kindness,with love,and to be honest-as I told her,learning quick and being so Open are her superpowers!We came together back to Malaysia,as she’s so adventurous so open and friendly,that she said she was up for anything,whatever I say!-after telling her my story,and sharing I actually home spirits that are willing to(either stay with me or find loving homes)💗Upon getting back with her,my spirits were so excited,as One she is very pretty,and Two-she is absolutely new at being in spirit🙏🏻They immediately helped in getting her a vessel🙊which was possessed by a male spirit,whom gallantly offered her his vessel,and joined vessel with another male spirit-Just For Her!!🙄-it was very funny for me in the beginning as I had to get them off her,and warn them not to mess with her,but the pitiful she was ok,she said in life she’s had all sorts,and she trusts me that I can tell them off if I had to😂Of course they did not mean bad,they’re just being “guys” sometimes🤷‍♀️Throughout April until today-Narcisse learned rather quickly how to do things in spirit-how to trigger communication objects,how to show herself at will,how to communicate telepathically.This is not just due to all my spirits roaming around her assisting her,which I am also grateful for-but also due to her ability to learn quickly,and strong will to do so,to thank me,in gratitude for me and my help😊She has now in such short time,became a full fledged spirit companion,and a very sweet and loving one at it!🥰I am beyond proud of her achievements,and truly happy that her existence in spirit is now ensured-through her vessel and will to remain amongst us🥹💖She absolutely refuses to move on,and says”being in spirit is a Blessing to her”🥹more than likely her sense of adventure followed her in the after-life as well😆 In her living life from what she remembers(which is definitely Not everything)-as her memories perhaps are stuck still,due to the fatal accident she’s lost her life in,she was a kindergarten teacher,and she was born in December 26(one day after Christmas.She adores children very much,and she’s very alert with them,just as she’s been here with mines💗She actually alerted me on my daughter’s heart break not very long ago,when her”boyfriend”-and school mate had moved town and school.Perla was so heartbroken as this happened too sudden,that she couldn’t even talk about it,which is why I did not find out until sweet Narcisse told me of it,so that I could help and guide her,be there for her🙏🏻After her wonderful experience with us,our assistance,now Narcisse is ready to move on and find an adopter that could be a good friend with,someone that perhaps she can look after,in good and bad days.She is super empathetic,full of positivity and very bubbly,warm and sweet so I am sure she will make an amazing companion for Any home.I would like for her an experienced keeper-although she’d be perfect in any home,perhaps she can learn more,grow more with the help of someone out there.Equally it would be nice if you had more spirits-for they can keep each other company when you’re not around,and she won’t be lonely,but also she could further learn how to make you proud,make you happy to have her,and be useful to you-as I seen her trying to be here.I would have loved to keep her with us longer,but she seems determined to explore,and has a great wish to discover as much about being in spirit,meeting new people,that I can’t ignore,nor stand against,just support and pray for her to get into the right place🙏🏻For offerings,if it is of help-she loves rose flowers,and cinnamon incense or scented candles as gifts.And far as food is concerned-she takes just about anything.She was a foodie when alive,she said.And “food loved her right back too”🙊but now in spirit nothing sticks to her,she joked-and so anything you have or find special and interesting just offer her,you can’t go wrong with that!She is not particular in any way for foods and drinks which makes offering her so easy💖For on the go,her vessel is a perfect travel sized one,for it is lightweight and rather small-so you may bring her along at any time,and she’ll be more than happy to come,she even seemed excited to come outside while I brought trash to be recycled😂🙊😅Definitely she’ll be up for any adventure with her keeper,short or long ones💕

I do hope to find an amazing home as she deserves,now that she’s ready to move on🥹🙏🏻

If you feel a connection she is for you,don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

She will be perfect with all pets,children and other spirits-she absolutely loves everyone,and she is so happy to meet everyone,and be amongst us🥹

She will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically(at times she might take a

minute to reach you and answer you,and at times she will be just nice-she is still trying to perfect that about herself)🥹🙏🏻

*Her vessel is a tiny and cute vintage clown,in pristine conditions considering its age,and it was kept with much love 

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


Orbs of pink colour,sometimes white or yellowish white 

Shadows,some slower and some quicker than others 

Gentle steps can be noted with her during day times

Breezes of air accompanied with a soft scent of cinnamon can be noted with her at times

Follows you with her eyes-when in her vessel

May move/slightly move to adjust her vessel if she sees fit

May gently knock/tap furnitures,doors or windows to let you know she’s around

May move/slightly move curtains or blinds

May freeze cameras/drain batteries

May appear in pictures/videos with darker backgrounds 

May drink/finish her liquid offerings

Telepathic communications-thoughts that aren’t yours,to share things with you she remembers of her life,her opinion or guidance,to warn you off something,or just to answer you 

Strong sense of positivity,unconditional love and not being alone can also be noted with her around

May show her full appearance in her own time-she is not very tall(perhaps 1.60m in height),she is fit but not very slim,but she is so so pretty!!❤️She has very curly light brown hair to her chest,blue eyes and a fair skin.Her features are so perfect,and her lips are rosy pink and very full🥹She also has these cute dimples when she smiles,and shows up dressed in a brown,plain blouse that fits,and a bohemian Lacey long and white skirt.She always wears this thin pearly headband🥹🥰