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Magical Spell Necklaces by Granny Irina - Vintage Amulet For Transformation, Protection, Control and Commanding, Healing, Love & Confidence

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🌙👵🏻🧙🏻‍♀️Magical Spell Necklaces by Granny Irina, Exclusive only at Harmony Collection Boutique!

Welcome to the captivating realm of Irina’s Magic, through these stunning vintage spell necklaces, meticulously spell-cast by the highly esteemed Witch Irina, whose mystical expertise and spirit companions spans Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria and Romania, and throughout Etsy’s online platform! Irina’s legacy of spellwork is celebrated for its authenticity and efficacy, drawing from a rich tapestry of Eastern European mysticism and tradition. 

Long before I have inherited her large haunted collection, and spell items- I knew one day I had to continue her work, and share her Magic with the world. Besides a large haunted collection of spirits, she has also left an entire spell items collection behind, before departing this physical world, and she has left some clear instructions with regards to these, in her notes. And today, finally, I am happy to make these powerful, and beautiful amulets available to all, and I am hoping, in due time, to be able to bring as many as possible to be sharing them with all of you!🙏🏻

 Each of these exquisite heirlooms is more than just jewelry—it's a conduit for profound energies and transformative magic, passed down through generations.

Imbued with Irina's profound magical knowledge, these spell necklaces are not merely accessories—they are permanent gateways welcoming you to a world where your intentions manifest and energies intertwine seamlessly with your magnetic, auric field.

🌟 Each necklace, lovingly cast by my granny Irina before her physical passing, holds a unique resonance, attuned specifically to its wearer adjusting to suit our needs on a daily basis and it is good to know that long as you worn one- it belongs to You and You Only.

🌟 Each piece- regardless of its colour or its main purpose, is meant to keep the wearer immune to danger, thus you’ll be in a strong protective bubble with each time you’re wearing it. And, according to her own notes- the residual protective energies will last for another 7 days after not wearing it.

🌟 These exquisite spell items require no charging or regular cleansing, as they are perpetually self-renewing and active, resonating with the timeless energies of Irina's craft and your ever-changing energies.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation as you adorn yourself with these timeless treasures. Let the shadows of ancient spells guide you towards empowerment and fulfillment.

Discover the authenticity of Irina’s ancient spellcraft, preserved within these Exclusive adorable heart- shaped solid silver necklace adorned with vibrant zircon stones, each colour holding a different purpose, as listed below:

 🩷 Pink Heart Pendant Necklace Purpose: 

This enchanting necklace is designed to attract genuine friendships, generous supporters, and unconditional love into your life.

Effects:   Embrace the essence of self-love and banish negative self-talk and self-image issues with its gentle yet immensely empowering aura. Experience the magnetic charm of this friendship amulet, promoting self-worth and positivity, radiating the warmth of unconditional love within and with out!

💙 Blue Heart Pendant Necklace Purpose: 

Channel the power of control and command with this striking blue heart pendant, instilling confidence and dispelling fears.

Effects:   Elevate your self-love and confidence to new heights, cultivating loyalty and trust in self and within those around you.Command the energies of this fear-removing charm, fostering deep-seated loyalty and unwavering trust through its potent magical enchantments.

 🤍 White Heart Pendant Necklace Purpose: 

Embrace Healing, Goal Setting and Renewal with this serene white heart pendant, offering solace from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Effects: Navigate new beginnings and pivotal life decisions with newfound clarity and courage. Harness the restorative power of this healing talisman, facilitating transformative shifts in lifestyle, social circles, and career paths. 

*I highly recommend browsing the photos and choosing whichever coloured necklace best suits you, before placing the order.

*They come in limited quantities 3 of each colour/purpose, a total of 9)- I have no more of them as of now, and I will lovingly serve each of you on a first come first serve basis, as you may understand🙏🏻

*Once you determined the colour/s you’d like, you may kindly contact me for availability, and I will answer you soon as I can!

*This listing is for a Non Reserve Item

*You will receive a solid silver necklace, with a heart shaped pendant of your chosen colour, upon availability