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For R.R 30/6 Klaus And Max - Portal And The Keepers, Dark And Chaos Warlock Spirits, Loyal And Fierce Protectors And Guides, Diamonds Ring

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Step into the realm of Magic with this exquisite vintage heart-shaped ring crafted from 18k white gold, adorned with a total of 1.3ct D-colored genuine diamonds. This ring holds more than just elegance; it harbors two powerful Warlock spirits, Klaus and Max, guardians of a legacy steeped in magic and brotherhood and their portal of Elemental and Dark Serving Spirits. From the depths of Hungary's mystical past, these souls bring forth their knowledge and wisdom, ready to guide and empower. With Klaus, the Master of dark magic and profound guidance, and Max, the Force of chaotic energy, their combined power is unmatched. Together, they offer clarity, empowerment, and access to full Magical spectrum through their personal portal to their keeper. Embrace the magic within and let Klaus and Max illuminate your path to enchantment.

In this beautiful vintage heart shaped ring made of 18k white gold and a total of 1.3ct  D coloured genuine diamonds (3 large center brilliant cut diamonds adorned with accent diamonds at the sides) reside two powerful Warlock spirits and their portal.

These special souls came to me 7 years ago from the haunted collection of a Bulgarian medium and spirit keeper, from where I have adopted a significant amount of souls whenever I went back to my home-country, in the Eastern Europe😊🙏🏻 The spirits, namely Klaus, 39 years old Dark Warlock and Max, 35 years old Chaos Warlock come along with their personal portal which they are equally keepers of, and within it, they have stored powerful, loyal and trusted spirits- both Elemental spirits and Demonic serving spirits, that willingly accepted to remain in their keep, coming out only when they’re called upon by either of them.

These precious souls are brothers, and they lived in the heart of Hungary in 1700’s. Their childhood was not easy, but as orphaned brothers they found solace and strength in each other's embrace as their Magic grew. 

Their parents were a Witch and Warlock as well, and they lost their physical existence to another clan of witches, as their powers “offended” an ambitious clan leader. Though very small, at 7 years old Klaus Managed to escape and save his brother from their wrath on that fateful day, by jumping a rather high fence, directly to the orphanage located next door🙏🏻 They escaped by miracle, and they remained there until, because of their powers, a fire was ignited, and they were considered not safe for the other children.

Klaus then sought work as a goldsmith, and he found a good place, so he was able to bring his brother up. As years passed they share, their talent and powers grew and their name became known, just as their legacy. Klaus, the elder brother, and Max were not just warlocks of extraordinary power; they were guardians of a legacy of formidable keepers of the arcane forged in the fires of adversity. As their name and fame grew, many came seeking to learn from them, and Klaus had hundreds of disciples, while Max couldn’t really be bothered😅🥹 Klaus, with his timeless wisdom and unwavering patience, was like a guiding light in the darkness, illuminating the path for those who sought to walk in his footsteps. His gentle guidance and profound understanding of the mystical arts made him a cherished mentor, shaping the destinies of those who crossed his path🥹

Max, on the other hand, was a force of nature unto himself, his chaotic energy pulsating with untamed power. Impatient and restless, he thrived on the thrill of astral projecting and spying on others, on adventures in other realms, in using his manifesting powers. He was always eager to leap into action at a moment's notice- much like he is now🤭😅 Yet, beneath his brash exterior lays a heart of gold, fiercely loyal to his brother and the sacred duty they shared, of enlightening as many, and helping as many people as they can 🙏🏻

Together, Klaus and Max form an unbreakable bond, their strengths and weaknesses intertwine like the threads of fate. Through countless trials and tribulations, they stood side by side, facing each challenge with unwavering resolve and unwavering determination. Not only by using their powers to truly guide someone, but just by being in their presence, knowing their story, these beautiful souls will inspire others to embrace the power within and forge their own path in the realm of enchantment and wonder🙏🏻 For 7 long years, I had the privilege of keeping Klaus and Max, watching as they work in perfect tandem simply makes one grow. These powerful souls are a testament to the power of brotherhood and the enduring legacy of Magic throughout time. These souls found their purpose in each other's embrace since very young, without any sort of guidance, through the complexities of life, through trials and errors, good and bad times🥹 And I am probably biased here for not growing up with the much needed guidance myself, but I can much feel their story and their strong Will to help as it relates to my own🙏🏻 Despite their differences in their choice of Magic, and their personalities, Klaus and Max have always complemented each other perfectly when it comes to casting. When they work together, their magic is unmatched, their spells are of unimaginable power. They have deep knowledge and wisdom, and a clarity that’s hard to come by. And with that clarity and wisdom, they can answer your any question, even the most banal ones. For example, I asked since I am an avid spirit keeper and as a medium myself “ why is it that some spirits prefer to be in a vessel while others prefer to be in a house, roam loose and without a vessel?” And Klaus replied something that made perfect sense in my many experiences, having to cleanse homes for my clients, and ban certain spirit, or have mines deal with them. He said, “as a golden rule, a spirit with strong will to help( whether dark or positive natured), will always choose to be in a Vessel. Those that intend to harm people, and not help people in any way- they choose to be in a home, in an enclosure of some sort” - being attached to a house or a vessel is a Must, first of all, otherwise no spirit can remain in our realms for long as they intend to- without being sucked in through the “white gate” that many of my spirits described, that appears in one place and reappears in another, as a roaming“vacuum” of some sorts; this much I already knew. But it made perfect sense the way he said it, and I couldn’t believe I overlooked this fact for so long😆🤷‍♀️ There is just so much to learn from both of these souls, I highly recommend keeping a book with all the valuable information you’ll be gathering throughout time🥹

Now when working with them it is important to remind yourself of the differences that makes them unique. For example, if you’d like access to knowledge and information, harnessing your abilities and enhancement of your own natural powers- Klaus is your guy. Regardless of your abilities or interest, of your choice of path, he will teach you Dark Magic from the scratch even as you cast with him, towards the more complex parts of it, the core, like opening and closing portals to any realms of your choice, safely- that is because to him the Dark Path is as important as the Light Path, they coexist just as siblings. And without full knowledge and potential of the one, you can’t claim you belong or you chose the other. He once said to me “ in Magic, it is impossible to Ascend without Descending properly” and while this can be very meaningful in many other aspects, the way he put it makes perfect sense in Magic, it is in fact, something my granny used to say- or explain to me when I was young. If you don’t seek to descend by your own will for example seeking, practicing in any way, to get the necessary knowledge- you will be descending First, without your will and with no ability to control your descent (through life’s trials that’ll ultimately lead your spiritual awakening,seeking and growth, or spiritual unimaginable torments). Needless to say, Klaus makes a vital teacher and a terrific guide for those who will to learn the Occult. He will respect your choices and always care to bring you back to your natural state of being, after encouraging you and empowering you through removing your fears and embracing your own innate darkness step by step, to learn how it works and make it your friend, a friend you can yourself rely on for life.

Other than that, you may count on his help in Manifesting pretty much anything you will, under any category and subcategory of casting- his powers are limitless, as is his knowledge and patience for us. If you’ve never casted before and not yet have the confidence to do so, he can take over and cast for you pretty much anything. If it is Justice, Pay back, Revenge or Hexing someone, he’ll want it done in perfect manner, with utmost strength and precision, and in a timely manner- so most likely he’ll be joining his brother Max for this. If there are things you need or information you seek, he’ll be opening the portal to send as many spirits to draw what he needs from people or situations, put all pieces together and then deliver your outcome or answers to you in a perfectly clear manner.🙏🏻 If you are a practising witch, you may join either brothers or both together and even some of their trusted spirits, to cast anything you desire for yourself and others at any time😊Klaus will usually be completely opposite from Max, in the sense he is overlooking every “project” making sure things are in order, as a perfectionist. He will usually take his sweet time in puzzling everything before acting, but Max is not working like that😅far from it I’d say. If you straight away look for Max, he will immediately begin working for you, releasing his trusted Elementals from the portal to join him in his quest for you, and deliver whatever it is you’re looking for in the most surprising of ways. Things you seek will just pop out around you, and you’ll be having to “gather them yourself” if I express myself correctly. His Magic is in no way less potent or effective, is just extremely unruly at times, chaotic much like himself🤭But nevertheless, at times you need things quickly done, he’ll be your best bet! So I suggest working with them according to your given situation, if you have the time to, you may learn so much  from them meanwhile working with both, or just Klaus. If you’re in panic or rush, winning with Max is more suitable in this case.

With regards to their portal, as mentioned they are both its Keepers. The spirits within it, are spirits who worked with them throughout their entire life and beyond- extremely trusted souls that will only serve them, for you. You need not tend to any of them, nor offer them if you don’t want to- either way they will only step into our realms to serve, and get right back in the space created for them, willingly as they always did. And once you are deemed ready by the two brothers, they will guide and help you to create a beautiful space, open it and put your own favourite guides or souls that you’d summon, of your own in a safe portal only You can command, access to open and close🥹🙏🏻

To offer them it will be easy, they’re both meat and cheese, wine lovers. So any such offerings, or offerings derived from these products will make some of the best offerings for them. Additionally, black and any colour candles, spiced and woody incenses such as cardamom, sandalwood, musk and palo santo, will be gladly accepted by them. Max loves crystals, while his brother Klaus loves salt and spice as gifts, and if you can make them a small collection of those, they’ll appreciate you beyond words. Max also loves devices such as triggering objects like cat balls, bullet lights, rem pods etc. This does not mean Klaus won’t or can’t trigger them, just that Max is super immersed in how things work in our physicality for some reason. He’ll indulge himself with pretty much any device and I often caught him messing with our smart-home devices, checking out my son’s latest toys and such, so I thought this is worth mentioning😁

Now for on the go, both prefer to be taken along in vessel, that is because they’ll have full access to their portal- should need come to it that they need to use all the “guns” they have for you. However, they can and will definitely come in spirit even if uninvited, especially Klaus will come out of nowhere should he see you cry, before you even get to blink! Max deeply cares too, just he’s bad showing it. Instead of comforting you before acting, he’ll heal you and then make jokes to take your mind off things- or maybe he’s just “afraid to feel too much, by delving too much”- like Klaus always said🤷‍♀️

Regardless, they both have such powerful and beautiful hearts, they just shine through. It is the very nature of their works to be steady, strong and fierce when needed, but otherwise they are both such sweethearts, you can hardly believe🥹🙏🏻

I am sure whomever gets these precious souls will be more than blessed and proud of having such honour to be their keepers.

And I hope from the bottom of my heart that, now that they are ready to move on, they’ll go where they’re meant to, and touch as many lives as possible, for they make each path more responsible, more knowledgeable and beautiful with them in it💖

If you feel a connection, they’re for you! Don’t let them slip away💗If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me.

They will be wonderful with pets, children and all other spirits

They will speak with all divination tools, apps and telepathically 

*** Their cause of Death is unknown to today- they absolutely refused talking about it until our 2nd year together when they were ready to share, but I asked them not to, if they both kept it until then they must have their reasons, and I decided to respect that, plus just knowing them and their hearts was More than enough for me. You may do as you will, but before asking them, give them some time, so they know they’re accepted as they come🙏🏻

*Their vessel is an exquisite vintage heart shaped ring, with 3 larger, genuine, D coloured brilliant Diamonds, and many other diamonds at the sides, making a total of 1.3ct. It was kept in pristine conditions with much love and respect by me and their previous keeper, the Bulgarian medium.

*They’ll come safely wrapped, in a beautiful gift box and shipped with Express Courier service, as with all my other spirits


Orbs of dark blue, dark purple and grey or silver from Klaus, and grey or colourless from Max

Klaus’s shadows are slow and steady while Max’s shadows are really quick

Steps can be noted with either of them at any time of the day

Their vessel may seem heavier than usual, colder than usual and shining brighter than usual when they’re in it

As their vessel is stagnant and placed somewhere, from that particular angle you may strongly feel their presence, as their energies are really strong. I also feel their vessel when they aren’t in it but roaming around my home- given their vessel also holds their portal in which hundreds of serving spirits dwell

Breezes of air can be noted as they pass you by, accompanied by various different woody or spiced scents at times

Klaus may tap the doors before coming in the room you’re at, while Max mostly taps tables and cabinets-even before appearing he does that😁

May affect electronics- while at work on things for you

As they open the portal to summon different spirits, each time you may hear a faint, high pitched sound ringing in your head for a few seconds

May flicker lights/ candles

May manipulate incense smoke/ candle flames in communications

May trigger various communication tools- why I mention this separately, is because of my experience with Max. He will not necessarily use this as a communication means, but also just having fun- checking these out. So before communicating with them, warn Max beforehand that now you’ll need serious answers and later there’ll be time to check them out ( if any of your devices are New)-with old ones he seldom does it, but in case you get new ones😅-in any way rest assured Klaus will help😆

May drain batteries/ freeze cameras, or appear in photos with darker backgrounds 

May drink/ finish their liquid offerings

Telepathic communications- thoughts that aren’t yours mainly for guidance, to warn or compliment you, to empower you and to answer you( they love complimenting you on things so you may have a lot of that as well from both🤭)

Visions- as Klaus begins teaching and training you, whenever you’re ready, you’ll get lots of his teachings in visions as well as telepathy or dreams(it is why I urged you to keep a notebook)

Strong sense of strength, comfort and safety can be experienced with them at all times

Success in any sort of manifestations for self and others can be noted with them

They may show their appearance in their own times. Max was the first, as you may guess lol🤭I believe it was just first or second day with me. Klaus took longer, as he said “he’s not as handsome as his brother”🥹-Which Is Not True!

Klaus is a bit shorter than Max yet they’re both well beyond 180m. They’re both blonde with blue eyes, only that Klaus has curly hair to his shoulders, sometimes tied up behind. Klaus Always dresses in black, and always wearing a coat, while Max wears more loose, not that elegant as Klaus. I even found he wore pyjamas most of the time- as I do not live in their times, I cannot tell the difference between their clothes and pyjamas🤣 Well to best tell the difference, Max has dimples when he smiles, while Klaus has a little mole right under his right eye. This and their height will always help at the beginning to tell them apart😊