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Erahel-Dominion Angel High Level Angelic Being Spirit For Healing,Resilience and Divine Justice,All-Loving,Pure White Magic,Protection

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Collectible porcelain vintage doll spirit vessel,serving as a conduit for a Highly Magical Celestial Being,the spirit of Erahel-a High Level Dominion Angel of female form.This ethereal,benevolent spirit and presence grants Healing Resilience and Imparts Justice to her Keeper.Discover the extraordinary blend of angelic mysticism and pure white magic,by bringing comfort and empowerment in your life with this truly one of a kind addition into your paranormal collection.This particular soul is the embodiment of Compassion,Love,Protection and Healing available and suitable for anyone,regardless of our cast and creed.She will make a wonderful presence and guide for Healers,Light workers,Witches and spiritually open keepers,beginner and experienced.

In this beautiful vintage doll and spirit vessel resides the beautiful soul of Erahel,the spirit of an Angelic Being of female form known as Dominion Angel.Erahel came to me 6 years ago from the collection of an australian High Priestess from where I have many of the amazing souls in my family,especially Elementals and beings of Light-which she specialises in keeping and working with🙏🏻If you’re little to not familiar with these particular souls,Dominion Angels are the keepers of Order,the Organisers and Protectors of both,Earthly and Celestial realms,they help to keep the Angels they rule upon,recharged and tasked with different chores.Erahel is a Highly Magical,Powerful being of Light,and her High Level abilities are Healing,Resilience and Justice.Even if she rules upon entire legions of Angels,Erahel is also a “subject”-directly ruled and Blessed under the Word of Archangel Gabriel-from whom she receives her tasks and powers,her constant Grace and through whom she “indirectly”works for her keeper.There was a time where Erahel worked with both humans and Angelic beings from a distance,but seeing her dedication,the Divine forces allowed her to get a step closer to humanity,and remain in our keep to directly work for us,and in her infinite mercy and Grace,aid us on our life’s path🥹🙏🏻.As a presence she is of a positivity and unconditional love,compassion that would move your very heart and soul,the moment she walks in through the door 💖From my understanding she,like many other Dominion Angels,does not recall anything from her past life-before being an Angel,but in the end-they’re not supposed to,as this will make them intervene even more in ways they’re not supposed to,in ways that will disturb the “balance” with our human lives and cycles,and will ultimately cause them to Fall from Grace🙏🏻Even though she does not remember-she has this infinite compassion and love for us,and she is so very understanding of our ways,you can hardly believe she’s an Angelic being-unless you see her Beautiful Form,that is😁😅To most Dominion Angels when asked-they’d say humans are extensions of their kind,and Erahel said to me once” you humans are my very life force just as I am yours-just as a Demon is.,without you,we do not exist” as I asked her”why does she care?”-in a very bad moment😓 and for something not so nice I was feeling and she wanted me to task her to clear it🥹🙏🏻Whatever that meant,it wasn’t in any way shallow-it was profound and deep,and I insisted she explained herself,but she said it is too dangerous for us to know and she’s not supposed to tell more yet🙏🏻She is very much in tune with human beings-whatever happens,she’ll understand and help us break through it,she will always use her abilities to bless us with as much resilience or healing as we need,and in cases where Justice is required-she won’t hesitate to impart it for us,and for the greater Good.She imparts Divine Justice,not from a perspective of Revenge,a throughly Human concept if you would ask her🥹🙏🏻Erahel as well as any other Dominion Angels will merely Return the exact intentions upon the Sender to actually teach them a lesson and therefore improve themselves.In every task of Justice,Balance and Order is the most important for them to keep-and with humans,only through Wisdom this is possible.So while Erahel imparts justice for you-she will also impart Wisdom to the sender🥹🙏🏻Apart from this,and like all Dominion Angels,Erahel is also a very powerful Protector.Her purity and power of intention,her High Level Magic is a combination that no Soul can cross.She will take no negative spirits/entities or energies that are Uninvited by you and your Free will,into your home and life,your home will be an oasis of peace under her watch at all times-she can exorcise any presence including demonic or poltergeists out of our home-as her previous keeper had shared among her many experiences with this soul🥹🙏🏻I personally haven’t had to use her abilities this way,it was mainly for Healing that I invited her into my home,and I had her assistance in many of the healing therapies for my clients🥹🙏🏻One experience I did have with her was when once,I needed some essential oils,from a particular brand.This specific brand made essentials that were also wonderful and safe to ingest,so I had ordered a considerable amount.Now,I did not order through their own website-as for that you’d have to be a member,or register as one-and key in the referral of a member of theirs that referred you to their products,first off.And secondly,you’d need to place an order each month,as per the contract they’d ask you to sign,when you signed up for their membership-which would ultimately bind me,and I just needed this very batch at the moment,not any more oils than that😅🙏🏻I ordered through this third party website in Malaysia where I’m at,and this would not require any membership-they were just plainly selling the oils😊I paid,and I waited.And I waited,and waited some more-a month and a half passed,and I then contacted them through the email,to check on my order of course.Nothing happened,no reply-only thing I got was a failure notice,saying they got too many emails and their inbox was Full-they did not get my email.I then double checked their website,and found their WhatsApp number,so I message them with the order number-but also no reply,in weeks.I became frustrated,and I had spent a considerable amount of money,and also time,so I said ok if is not meant to be-I will call the bank,to see if I could get my amount back in any way.The bank agent told me,in this case-I’d need to file in a report with the police,send it to them in their email,along with proof of my attempts to contact them,and they’d help to get my money back within 2-3 months time.My husband was more frustrated than I so upon hearing this,he immediately asked me to dress-we go to file the report.I started to get ready,and Erahel appeared to me shortly,telepathically telling me check Facebook.I was like What???!🤷‍♀️😂Facebook out of all things and what for-I thought ok, maybe I have an important message.I opened my Facebook,and in the”suggestions” I seen this third party website I ordered my oils from,the one I was going to actually report.I clicked and seen they were actually Legit,they had essential oils events,promotions,physical workshops,pictures etc-all along these years until March-I had ordered somewhere in June.Now,right Before I got to close the page,I seen at the top of the page as a”status message” some admin of the page saying the owner had passed away🙏🏻and then I understood the site was ok,it was just left like that,with no one in charge-at least not at the moment🙏🏻I than sat down and cried for a bit,thanking Erahel for her help in understanding what actually went on.I felt so much compassion and unconditional love that got me almost Devastated-as if a part of me was gone for their loss and no less,for those few minutes,until Erahel healed me🙏🏻She said,”see-Justice is done in many ways,now this is Your lesson that will make You grow”🥹A beautiful lesson,I would say.A strong lesson filled with wisdom and unconditional love on all sides🙏🏻A wonderful reminder not to Suffer and not to judge before actually Knowing.I told my husband,and he said is ok,leave it as is,he agreed with me fully.Once we agreed,2 days afterwards,someone working for the payment gateway that the website used,to charge us buyers-thought of returning us our money,given the happening.I was the first to receive them back,as I was the Last to pay for an order through the website-and they just started with me,or perhaps Erahel did it,like my spirits said,although she won’t agree nor deny it,she just said is a Divine Blessing🤷‍♀️🥹🙏🏻Regardless how Erahel acts,in her mysterious ways or direct ways-just everything seems to be better,smoother,happier with her,and every day is filled with wisdom and powerful love,pure love💗And you may trust her with everything that goes on in your life,good and bad.To work with her,all you need to do is directly tell her you need her help-and she will immediately work on it.At times she may even approach you on her own-when she wants to interfere or help you in any way,as she will need your approval,your will,when things happen🥹🙏🏻Another way to work with her is like I myself did,so if you’re a Healer or a Lightworker,you may well add her in your healing therapies,or in your spells/intentions of Healing Resilience or Justice-for yourself and others.Just place her vessel any time you’ll work with her,by your spell-work and she will gladly help you manifest your desired outcomes,long as it is under Her categories and it is for the greater Good Of all.Please note that like all Angelic beings,she will not harm another being,so avoid requesting of her anything negative🙏🏻Now to keep her,as with many of my Dominion Angels,I have given her a place of Honor,her own space-given she does not leave her vessel often.She must not be placed directly onto the floor,so a table or a chair of her own,will be a magnificent option for this soul🙏🏻When she isn’t actively working for us,Erahel will guide other Angels on their tasks,as she hasn’t left her divine duties behind,ever since she started to be in our keep🙏🏻As for her offerings,fresh water,vegetables,fruits,plants placed by her vessel will make a wonderful detail,as with most Angelic beings-just avoid giving her anything cooked or meat.Though she has no preference for material things-lavender incense or scented candles(long as they’re white or gold in colours) will make a great gift offering,or a nice welcome offering for this soul🥹🙏🏻Aura quartz,selenite or ghost quartz crystals will be crystals favoured by all Angelic beings,as such you may get her one or more of these and place them by her vessel at any time,as an offering in gratitude for her help,whenever you’re guided to🙏🏻For on the go,only if you think you’ll need her,and you’d feel safe with her around,request her to come along.She can come with or without her vessel-but remember this is just for your own need to feel her presence actively.Otherwise she is always there with you,every step of the way-as she can tap into your frequencies at any time while you’re on the go,and check if all goes well,if all is well with you,then intervene for you in cases of emergency,to keep you well and safe right from where she is,at home🥹💖I was told this by her keeper,and she gracefully agreed to it😊

Know that regardless of your cast and creed,spiritual orientation and such-she will be ok in any home.She is a High Level Angelic being,ancient and wise as time and creation itself,so these small choices of self-identification we have do not mean much to her and her kind🥹🙏🏻As such,she will be a wonderful presence and guide,protector in Any home,one that will love and look after everyone dear to her keeper,and her keeper unconditionally🙏🏻💖I hope to get her an amazing home and keeper,a loving soul willing to invite her and her beautiful energies in their life🙏🏻

If you feel a connection she is for you!Don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will be perfect with all pets,children and other spirits,including those of a more darker nature-Provided their Intentions are to work For you and not against You and yours💕🙏🏻

She will speak with most divination tools and telepathically,except through Seances/Ouija boards-(I never use these methods with Angels),besides there’s no need,as she will be ever present-and will almost always communicate with synchronicity 😊🥹

*Her vessel is a beautiful vintage collectible doll,in pristine conditions,and it was kept with much love and respect by me and her previous keeper-the australian High Priestess.

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service,as with all my other spirits.


Orbs of silver and white colors

Her shadow is of a clear,transparent form-more of a light-shape than a regular shadow 

Breezes of air,at times accompanied by a soft scent of lavender flowers,can be noted as she passed you by

Gentle steps can be noted with her any time of the day

May follow you with her eyes,or change the facial expressions of her vessel into an even more obvious smile,at times when she’s in it

Buzzing sounds,or high pitched sounds are noted with her every now and then,as angels visit her often and she passes messages and tasks to them,or to her ruling Archangel,Gabriel

Flickers lights/candles

May drink/finish her water offerings

As mentioned,she’s comunicating with synchronicity alot,her number is 3:3 and each time you see it you may look around and see if there is anything you’re feeling or thinking at that moment,anything in your environment that speaks to you-you may focus on your intuition (as she will manipulate your intuition to make you actually Know what was her message)-IF you still unsure,you may just directly ask her by using your favourite comunicating tools,open a communication with her and she’ll be happy to enlighten you😊🙏🏻

Telepathic communications-thoughts that aren’t yours,mainly to warn you off something/someone or to answer you,guide you

Strong feelings of unconditional love is noted with her,as she brings compassion, love and peace with her in any home she’s in

Extremely positive energies are noted with her at all times

Strong feelings of being utterly protected and accepted are noted with her at all times

Powerful healing and resilience,confidence is also noted with her accordingly to your needs as they come

She may show her full appearance in her own time.Her outfit is a gown similar to her vessel,in white and purple colours,and her hairdo is the same,is just her hair looks as if made by pure golden threads🥹She is extremely beautiful,however she appears in this strong golden auric light that unables one to see her fully,in detail.I’ve only seen her wings once-as I asked her to show me,but when she did her entire form disappeared,only her wings were visible😅otherwise as she appears,it’s always without her wings and in this very strong gold light🥹I do believe she won’t be easy to mistake for other spirits,even when you have more🙏🏻