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Discover the Power of Orthoceras Kuber Stone for Spiritual Growth and Balance, Grounding and Transformation, Exclusive at Harmony Collection Boutique

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Welcome to Harmony Collection Boutique’s cabinet of curiosities, where every manifestation tool is treasure and has been curated along my spiritual path under the guidance of my spirit companions. Within our collection, you'll find some of the most unique curios, carefully selected and tested, incorporated into my own rituals, each piece  infused with profound spiritual significance and energy.

Today, I am happy to introduce you to the power of Orthoceras Kuber Stone, a fossilized cephalopod that dwelled in the depths of our ancient oceans millions of years ago. Named for its distinctive spiral shape, this remarkable stone is cherished for its metaphysical properties and connection to the Water and Earth's energies by many shamans and light workers around the world, in particular in Arabian countries, and here in Asia.

Here are some of the metaphysical properties strongly believed to be imbued within Orthoceras Kuber Stone:

1. Grounding and Stability: The owner will feel deeply rooted and connected to the Earth Element with its nurturing and abundant energies fostering great stability and balance in their life.


2. Transformation and Adaptability: the owner will harness the power of transformation, manifestation abilities and will be able to effortlessly embrace change, letting go of the past to move forward with courage and resilience.

3. Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge: The owner will be able to tap into the wisdom of the ages and unlock ancient knowledge, enhancing their intuition and spiritual growth as they journey towards self-discovery.

4. Emotional Healing: The owner will experience a sense of unprecedented calm, composure, grace and tranquility as Orthoceras Kuber Stone aids in releasing emotional blockages, boosting self-confidence, and alleviating anxiety and stress.


How to use it:

Enhance your spiritual practices and rituals by adding this treasured artefact by your spell works and supercharging your intentions with the energy of Orthoceras Kuber Stone.

Meditate with it as you set your goals, by placing it under your pillow each night, while lying in your bed awake for at least 15 minutes.

Every 1 year or so, charge it by leaving it under the full moon, to maintain it’s powers intact🙏🏻

Additional Tips:

-when someone is Really angry at you, you may hold the stone in your Right Hand and rub them a couple of times on their back, with it. They will immediately calm down!

-when placed with the sharp end towards your entrance door, it will make sure that those who enter (including you) will shed all their negative energies Outside, and ensure your space is Safe and Clean of all negativity.

Unique Spirits Offering:

Orthoceras is a rare and cherished offering appreciated by Water Elementals such as Undines, Syrens, and Sprite Faeries among others or by Earth Elementals such as Pixies, Gnomes, Nagas and others. Place it by their side at all times and offer it as a token of gratitude to supercharge their powers in serving us better.

Each piece in my collection has been carefully selected to resonate with the essence of harmony and balance, making it a perfect addition to your sacred space✨

***While on the market there are many imitations for the rarity of this fossil, I can assure you that Each of the Orthoceras is GENUINE, and it will come with a certificate of identification from a specialised lab.

Discover the beauty of spiritual connection at Harmony Collection Boutique, where every piece tells a story of guidance, growth, and enlightenment🙏🏻

Size:Aprox. 2.5 inches

*It is fully natural, and has not gone any treatment/ colour enhancement

*It is not to be replaced with any medical treatments*

*It will come safely wrapped with Express Delivery Service*

*This Listing is for One Orthoceras Kuber Stone*