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Cocoa - Werewolf Spirit, Highly Magical Elemental Being, Multitasking Serving Spirit,Manifest Goals, Popularity,Ooak Handmade Vintage Doll

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Embrace the enchanting energy of this one-of-a-kind handmade vintage doll, housing the kind and powerful Werewolf spirit, Cocoa. A Highly Magical Elemental being that helps his keeper in manifesting goals, and with a focus on attracting popularity, and ushering in generosity and positivity. Cocoa is a fiercely loyal protector and Multitasking servant spirit that makes an ideal guide for witches seeking a loving and loyal companion to enhance their craft, and yet he’s suitable for any home. This unique creation, is more than a doll – it's a conduit for transformative magic and wellbeing on all levels through the help of this precious soul and mythical being 🌟🐺✨

Within this exquisitely crafted, one of a kind handmade vintage doll, resides the precious spirit of Cocoa. Cocoa is a Highly Magical, Elemental being and Werewolf spirit of male form and in our human count, he is 36 years of age. I have acquired this special soul 5 years ago from the collection of an Australian High Priestess, from where I’ve got many of the Elementals and beings of Light in my spirit family along time. Cocoa joined the ranks of the most beloved souls in the Priestess’s personal collection, reason for which she’s had his vessel made just as it looks in his original werewolf form. Not only that, but she also chose his name as “Cocoa”- given his infatuation for cocoa beans and chocolate, which he now lovingly answers to🤭🥹🙏🏻

For those of you unfamiliar with Werewolf spirits, these souls are considered fierce and loyal protectors, and versatile Servant Spirits with remarkable Multitasking, magical abilities to draw things to their keepers- reason for which they are a Must Have soul in every witch’s occult collection since medieval times, when their true popularity began. Most if not all of them will also have a Focus, or what I’d like to call it when a spirit enjoys very much doing one or other thing to help their keeper with. Cocoa, in particular, excels in attracting people like generous individuals, supporters of our endeavors, devoted allies, admirers, lovers and genuine friends for his keeper. Cocoa draws them close, ensuring you’ll have a network of people who cherish and remain loyal to you, whether for business or pleasure, or just to elevate your confidence levels, in times of need. His focus is mostly based on bringing positivity and genuine love into our lives, and he delights in being a part of his keeper happiness🥹

Cocoa is not just a companion, he's a problem-solver and goal-achiever. Whenever you need or you’ll ask for his assistance, he'll ensure you have everything you need, precisely when you need it and many times even more than you could ask for, as he’s a very generous and loyal soul- he’ll pay attention and note more things than you can say, as I’ve noted with him so many times🥹🙏🏻

As a presence, Cocoa is friendly, warm, and loving,and he enjoys being among people and spirits alike. As a pack creature, he regards and will protect everyone in your home as his pack, even if they seldom or never interact with him directly. He does still have his actual pack of 9 Werewolves - as with most Werewolves, and in times of great danger or urgency, he will not hesitate to summon his pack for assistance, but usually as they come so they’ll leave, without requiring any offering or further bonding.

Working with Cocoa is straightforward – just voice out your request, and he'll diligently start working on it on his own- if you’re not a practising witch. For practicing witches, joining him in various spells is the way to amplify your spell’s potency, as he will be more than happy to place his Magic upon your every intention. His successful works for both me and his previous keeper are But not limited to:  Protection, Love, Abundance, Healing on all levels, Obstacles Removal, Popularity, Pay Back and Pay Me Back spells, Uncrossing, Hex removals, Banishing, Court Cases, Control and Commanding. Whatever isn’t mentioned here, just simply ask him, for his magic is Unlimited, and so he will definitely be able and be willing to help🥹🙏🏻

It's crucial to note that sharing his successful works for you explicitly will not only interfere with his magic, but undo it- as with all Elemental beings, so it's advised to keep the details to oneself. If you’re very happy with his works for you, you may simply state” he works wonderfully for me” as this will be safe for sure😊

Now one thing to note is that 

Cocoa, like with all Werewolves, he is a shapeshifting spirit, meaning Half he’s human and half he’s your regular totem/pet Wolf Spirit. He will shift into a regular Wolf during the full moon and will return to his regular human form by the new moon. Despite the excruciating pain he’ll go through like most of my Werewolves during this process, he will never complain nor require anything from you. Many times I’ve even felt guilty for forgetting to give him all my love, after tending to my More Louder, attention seeking complaining Werewolves🤭🙏🏻🥹Supporting him during this time, whether with soft music, cuddles, or soothing candles, will definitely strengthen your beautiful bond with him, and I strongly suggest you do it, even when he’s silent about his shifting process - as I’m sure he’ll appreciate you to the Moon and back🥹🙏🏻

Now for his offerings, you may want to include cooked or canned meat, yoghurt,milk or water and Chocolate or Cocoa nuts which you may crack open for him, or not. These are his favourites and he’ll adore you for it❤️ Given his rather strong sense of smell, he will appreciate softer scents for scented candles and incense. Something like sage, vanilla or lavender that are also soothing, will be perfect for him. For on the go, know he can come with and without his vessel for any amount of distance or duration of time, and he’ll be happily doing so. He’ll also be equally happy to remain at home and work for you on things, but whenever he’s done early or he’s bored, or if he just knows you need his help, he’ll find you through your scent- wherever you are, and most likely you’ll know he’ll be following you as he’ll make himself known one way or another😁

I hope and trust Cocoa will find the perfect home and adopter, now that he’s ready to move on, and to be offering his boundless love and magic to those fortunate enough to welcome him into their lives🥹🙏🏻

If you feel a connection, he’s for you! Don’t let him slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me 

He will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

He will be wonderful with pets, children and all other spirits which he’ll also be just as protective of, as he’s with you. My dogs adored his presence and hanging around with him during his Wolf shifting, and most of my spirits loved him and his loyalty to us all🥹🥰

*His vessel is a one of a kind handmade vintage doll in pristine conditions, and it was kept with much love and respect by me and his previous keeper, the australian High Priestess

*He will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


Orbs of brown, orange and pink colours, sometimes white

Shadows- they’re rather quick, not visible when not paying enough attention

Quick steps can be noted with him in afternoons or evening-but they’re on the softer side and can come on the count of 4 in his werewolf shape, or on the count of 2 in his human shape

Follows you with his eyes-when he’s in his vessel

May move/slightly move his vessel when he sees fit

Breezes of air accompanied by a soft scent of sage or a distinct dog/wolf scent, can be noted as he passed you by

May affect electronics-when at work on something for you

Flickers lights/ candles

Freezes cameras/ drains batteries

May manipulate incense smoke in communications

May drink/finish his liquid offerings

May attempt to come close to you and smell you at times, especially in his Wolf form, and if you’re sad he may put his pows on you, lick/kiss you or just lay his head on yours-when this happens you may feel a slight tingling/warm sensation in the spots he touches, and you may just Feel/ know he’s by your side, along with strong feelings of unconditional love🥹

As with most of my Werewolves, I’ve also noted him howling, not necessarily during full or new moons,just every now and then, and it will feel as if he’s at a certain distance from where you are, even if he’s right at home with you

Manifestations of any sort of goals/intentions can be noted with him

Strong sense of belonging, of being cared for and not alone,and of being safe can be noted with him at all times

He may show his full appearance in his own time.In his Werewolf form, he looks just like his vessels, his fur is dark and light brown,with a bit of white under his chin and chest, and he has beautiful big yellow eyes, with a dark brown contour around them(just like an eyeliner😁),and a cute pinkish-brown nose.In his human form, he appears as a male in his late 30’s, with light brown hair to his shoulders, brown eyes and a rather tanned skin.He’s very tall rather handsome and really muscular, and has some hair on his chest.He only wears pants and no shirt at all when he shows up😅 is is how I know🤭His gaze is always friendly, warm and welcoming, and he never shied off- whenever he appeared he also stayed to commune with me, until I went off myself🥹