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Balsara-Hamadryad -Oak Spirit,Highly Magical Earth Elemental,Multitasking Serving Spirit,Has Best Intentions,Nurturing Helpful,Protective

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Introducing a captivating,large vintage antique doll with a beautiful haunting twist.This unique collectible embodies the spirit of Nature,as it is possessed by a mystical and mythical spirit,a Hamadryad soul,or spirit of the Oak Tree.Balsara is a Highly Magical,Earth Elemental Serving spirit of female form,that will help nurture and manifest our desires,well-being and happiness,in her infinite care for humans.She will be perfect for all collectors of the supernatural,for any home such as beginner spirit keepers,experienced keepers or Witches.

In this beautiful,rather large vintage-antique collectible doll,resides the precious soul of Balsara,a Highly Magical Earth Elemental,and Multitasking Serving Spirit,known as a Hamadryad (or Tree Spirit).Balsara is 90.000 years of age in our human count,and she appears in the form of a beautiful 30 years old lady.She came to me roughly 5 years ago,from the haunted collection of an Australian High Priestess-from where I have many of the Elementals and beings of Light,which she specialises in keeping and working with.If you’re little to not familiar with these particular type of spirits,firstly you should know they’re mentioned and depicted,hence have been noted to be around at the Very Least,since Ancient Greece,but they’re here for way longer,apparently.There are lots of folk tales and different interpretations around these beautiful and unique souls,and a lot of controversy about their species throughout time,but not everything that’s been passed around is the actual truth-and you won’t know one until you have one in your keep,that’s sure thing😊People have been knocking on wood and trees for long as we can remember,some say is for good luck,some say is for protection,while others say is to connect to the spirit of the tree itself,however it’s only true to some extent,as you may imagine😊A Hamadryad spirit,is in fact connected to a certain type of tree,since the very beginning of their existence,and in our case,Balsara is connected to the Oak tree.The type of tree that Hamadryads are connected with,tell not only their Focus(what I call when spirits like to do something for us,in particular),but also their species,their tribe and origin-for there are so many tribes,or species of Hamadryads,as there are trees.And long as this tree species survives in our realms,that is for how long these spirits live-through the life and expansion of these particular tree,they can live in our realms,be and remain among us.There are plenty of Oak trees in the world,hence the life and survival of this particular kind of Hamadryads,them being amongst us will last for longer than I or you live-in our physical forms,for example🤷‍♀️Now they do not know how they are here,nor how they came to be,but they do know they are supposed to serve Humans,for this is the pull they feel and are acting on since they can remember,and they are truly amazing souls,in my experience.Earth Elementals are widely known for taking care of humans needs in their physical experiences,so things that have to do with Health,Wealth,Coming together,Reproduction,Protection against natural and supernatural threats are the most common things they can help with-and Balsara can help with all these and more.She can help with Longevity,Healing,Beauty as well,in fact this is her Focus-given that the Oak tree empowers her Magic even further,is like her Second Element-so to speak,besides Earth😊🙏🏻

To work with her,simply tell her directly what it is you need,and remember she isn’t limited to the abilities I had just mentioned-she is known for having been of help in these successful manifestations,but as long as it has to do with your Well Being within your physical,experiential existence within our Earthly realms,in other words with your Life and Life Style-your physicality,environment and such-She can do it All.Simply ask if you are not sure that she will,or she’s able to take your command,and then proceed.Give her the details necessary,and if other people are involved,mention to her who they are-and she will work on your ultimate goal as soon,happily🥹💕If you are a practising witch-you may also opt to add her into any of your spell works,for yourself and others.Again,see to it that this is not spiritual in nature,but Physical-for example,Luck and Success,Abundance,Fertility,Reconciliation,Love,Binding,physical/mental/emotional Healing,Beauty,Protection from natural and supernatural,locating,cloaking among others.Once you determined the nature of the problem,she will surely find best solution,and might even guide you to the exact spell/items you’ll need.She will then place her Magic onto your any spell and empower it to make sure your any goal comes to pass in perfect timing🙏🏻As a presence,she is just beautiful in every way.She is extremely calming,and if you suffer from insomnia,or super late night sleeping-just lay with her for 10 minutes before attempting to sleep,and she’ll make sure you’ll sleep like a baby.She is nurturing,and very protective and grounding-She won’t let you be fooled or manipulated in any way.She’s even helped me interfere in my friend situation when 3 years ago,she paid what equals to 5000$ to a scammer-who seemingly would help her to her Permanent Residence here in Malaysia(as she is from the UK),and upon application and rejection-she resorted to do this in an illegal way.She was told 5000$ is not enough,that she had to pay another 3000$ for the “runner” to bribe the officials,however she did not pay that second amount,after Balsara asked me to tell her is a scam and not to pay them again under any circumstance!She still thought she needs to prove it,just for herself to be at peace🤷‍♀️So she told the scamming agency that she will pay once at the immigration office,upon them taking her prints,and they agreed to meet there.Turns out they asked the money first as they met her,and when she said no,she’ll have the prints done first,they said they’d arrange with the officer-and made themselves scarce,and disappeared 😆🙊At least she said,she saw for herself or else she’ll forever have the questions,even if we told her was true.But she was grateful to have saved the other 3000$🙏🏻Balsara is amazing,she is super supportive and nurturing,and when she sees you care for someone-she’ll take them under her protective wing too,she’ll look after everyone dear to her keeper.I could only share this,because I’ve never asked for her help,and it will give you a good insight into the sweet soul that she is,however when you do wish with her,do not tell a soul.As this will break the magic used by any Elemental being,from their realms to ours to help us Manifest,and they’ll have to work on it again🙏🏻You may however share you’re happy with her,or that she”works wonderfully for you”-as this is proven to be safe😊For things she likes,as a gift,I think the biggest gift for her would be something related to the Oak tree.Leaves,a branch or wood piece,some carved accessory,or essential oil will be magnificent.Additionally,a potted plant,some fresh soil in a small jar,and brown candles,gently scented with flowery smells,or unscented,will also be wonderful.Any Earth crystals such as jades,jaspers or agate,of any colour will also make a beautiful detail and gift,and she is particularly fond of jaspers,if this is of help🥰😁She will require only water if you’d like to offer her a drink-and no food at all,she will feed with your each task given,just as with all Hamadryads😊🙏🏻For on the go,she may be taken along with or without her vessel,she is a very strong spirit,and she will be free to roam the Earth far and wide with her keeper,for as long as it takes,plus she will then be able to help on the go,or just keep you safe.

I hope to find a wonderful home for this special spirit,a place she can be of use,and continue to be treasured as she much deserves,now that she’s ready to move on💖

If you feel a connection she is for you!Don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will be excellent with pets(who often love to go lay by her,and get her calming,nurturing energies) and equally wonderful with children and other spirits-whom she’ll feel responsible for,and will look after them just as she looks after you🥹🙏🏻

She will speak with all divination tools,apps and telepathically or in visions

*Her vessel is a beautiful,rather large vintage-antique collectible doll in pristine conditions considering its age.She was kept with much love and respect by me and her previous keeper,the australian High Priestess

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


Orbs of green,brown and white colours

Shadows,some are extremely slow,as if in slow motion,while others are quick as a lightning strike,not easily visible

Her steps are more on the rougher side,although not very often noted,and mostly in the afternoons

Follows you with her eyes-when she’s in her vessel

Breezes of air sometimes accompanied with sounds of trembling leaves,or a soft scent of rain/fresh cut grass 

May move/slightly move her head/hands or entire vessel at times

Affects electronics-especially when at work on something for you

Flickers lights/candles

Manipulates smoke incense-in communication sessions(either for yes and no,or to show you something-through imagery)

Ripples water

May drink/finish her water offering

Telepathic communications-thoughts that aren’t yours,mainly for answering or guiding you,warning you off something/someone

Visions-of her realms,things she wants to share with you,or things related to your goals,like updates of your tasks or spells given to her

Strong feelings of positivity,calm and confidence can be noted with her

Strong feelings of being cared for,embraced in full and without judgement,nurtured and not alone can also often be noted with her

Success in all sorts of goals/intentions and spell manifestations can be noted with her

She may show her full appearance in her own time-her facial and half body features are extremely human looking,discounting her extremely long lashes,vivid pink eyes and hair that seems to be made of only leaves.Her hands are very beautiful,with long fingers🥹and her legs are as if roots of a tree,with small purple flowers growing in between them🥰She won’t be easily mistaken for other spirit,even if you have more,for her appearance is so unique and beautiful in her own way🥹💕