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Amelia - Positive Spirit Doll, Spirit Companion, Female Advocate, Support In Goals Manifestations, Pilot Woman, Vintage Clown Spirit Vessel

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Meet Amelia, an American woman from the 1930s, now residing in a vintage clown doll spirit vessel waiting to empower your journey. Adopted from another spirit keeper’s haunted collection, she's a symbol of resilience and ambition. Known for her advocacy in women's rights and fearless spirit as a pilot, she mysteriously vanished during a record flight. But her legacy lives on as she continues to support women from the spirit realm. Amelia offers her power of will to manifest your goals, whether you're a practicing witch or not. With wisdom to share and unconditional support, she's makes a trusted guide and ally. Keeping her is effortless, as she requires no demands and accepts any offering with joy. This beautiful soul will make an outstanding addition into any home and keeper’s life, ready to embrace Amelia's presence and let her uplift their journey with her timeless, fearless spirit.

In this beautiful vintage vessel resides the precious soul of an american lady in her late 30’s named Amelia that lived in the U.S in 1930’s.
Amelia came to me from the collection of Lisa’s, around 5 years ago, and I am so glad I got her with us🥹 Her adoption happened from a mere discussion with Lisa, her previous keeper on women’s right and politics in Malaysia where I lived with my family, after moving from Europe, and I was just sharing with her that here foreign women have little to no rights, so to speak😅🙏🏻 I was rather intrigued hearing what Amelia herself had told her, and I figured if she’d like to- I would be more than happy to have her with us, in my spirit family🥹💕 Amelia is a very articulated lady, she was an advocate for human and women’s rights, abortions and business matters, promoting both Equality and Peace. In the U.S in the 30’s when she lived, Amelia had fought for a positive change, and being so politically outspoken proved rather helpful in her case, so she’s managed to climb high, and become practically a celebrity in her time. Her name was being spoken far and wide for her accomplishments, and rightfully so🙏🏻However, Amelia was mostly known during her life as a Pilot, for she has in there too, accomplished some amazing goals and records. After her passing in 1937, surprisingly her name was spoken worldwide, and she was never forgotten- she was mostly known as the American woman pilot who disappeared in plain sight after taking off to complete one other flying record, around the globe. Her disappearance case was never explained, for they had never found her remains, nor her good friend’s Fred, however she was declared dead about 2 years after she’s gone missing🥹🙏🏻
Not many people knew of her creative talents however, as during her life she aspired on designing a clothing and accessories line of her own, and she wasn’t far from achieving it! The only thing impeding her full success was her time, for George- her ex husband was rather demanding, and she also had flight trainings going on, she shared. She wasn’t able to go as far as she wanted with it, but she managed to design travel bags and some clothing of her own 😊
She was a highly ambitious, resilient and fearless soul in life, and she continues to be so in spirit- I have had so many ideas and support from her during our time together, and I never regretted my decision to adopt her💖🥹
She is an outstanding spirit in every way, and I’m sure once you’ll get to know her, bond with her and have her unconditional love and support for you, you’ll feel as you have gotten an entire army, or a soul-friend🥹She’s super communicative and not shy to make her feelings known when you’re down, to give you a big hug, or to wipe away your tears (or blow them away🤭) like she’s done with me a few times😆 Her energies are infectious, she is extremely encouraging and with her support you’ll be brave enough to get a voice of your own, and mark whichever territory you want without fear of judgement and in full confidence.
Now regards to what happened with her disappearance, what she’s told and shown to both me and Lisa was that a huge ball of yellow colour appeared in front of her plane, and both her and Fred tried avoiding it, but ended up being sucked by it with the airplane and all. Completely as they were, and inside that very plane, they ended up in a small village where some native “people” lived. She called them beings- but they looked much like some Native American tribes, if you didn’t have a look at the animals and plants around in this place, that were utterly different with the ones we have here on Earth😅 In fact, this was an open portal they got through unintentionally, to another realm parallel to ours. They were welcomed in as guests there and only when what Amelia is estimating to be 1-2 years from the time they’ve entered,she could come back. That was when they could themselves open the portal again, and the leader of this tribe of beings helped her and Fred sneak right back through it, but without their physical bodies🙏🏻 As once they physically crossed the portal, the body had to remain there- it could not survive the trip back to our realms unfortunately🙏🏻 They both agreed return here, as this is the place they’re familiar with, they could visit and watch over people they cared of, and continue to have each other, that is until Fred had decided to move on, and she was left alone🥹
After Fred’s crossing through the “white gate” she and many human spirit describe, being alone, Amelia took a decision to continue her great work, supporting women, and it is how she’s got into her first keeper’s care and then into Lisa’s care, and now she continues her much needed and treasured existence, in spirit🥰
As a spirit Amelia does have an ability, besides her way of being and determination to support other women in their life journey. That is, to help us Manifest our Goals through her power of Will - her Intention. So if you’re a practising witch, you may join her by placing her vessel besides any spell work, for any goals and intentions, and she’ll then focus her Will to help empower your goals under Any category such as Love, Healing, Luck and Success and Protection.
Likewise, if you’re not a practising witch you may share your goals with her, and she’ll then channel her energies and focus, helping you manifest through the power of her Will. She was never a Witch, however, when she returned in Spirit, given her rather High ability to make her dreams come true in her living life, as with most Human spirits, this became emphasised- her Will became her superpower which she now unconditionally makes available for her keeper, and she is very happy about sharing it with us🥹 She wisely says that in her life experience she’s learned we have A Traitor Within🤔- we are our own enemy when it comes to manifesting our own dreams and goals in most cases, and if we learn to Detect this “traitor within” we can make Magic happen in our daily lives. She has a lot of wisdom to share with us, and she makes for an amazing guide, but also an unconditional ally and friend that will help us each time we can’t help ourselves and point out our Inner Power with every chance she’s got.
Now to keep Amelia is the easiest, most natural thing if you ask me. She has no demands regards how much time you should spend with her, instead she understands you also have a life to live and things to do, on your own. When I borrowed her to help my friend for 2 months, given her family was Unaccepting of Spirit in general, she even agreed her vessel to be hidden the entire two months in a closet, meanwhile she roamed freely in my friend’s bedroom Only, but helping her full on- with all that she needed- which only proves how magnificent this special soul is🥹🙏🏻
For offerings, she’d only be excited if You are- so if you make something special, order something special or there’s any cookie, new pudding or cake you discovered you may Always offer her a little part of it- she will take Any offering at all, but most exciting offerings make those you’re happy for, just as a dear, best friend would🥰
You may offer her drink if any sort-whatever you have at home, but know she Does love her coffee, even instant ones. For gifts, flowery scented candles, perfumes or incense of Any kind will do with her, and if you really want to give her a nice gift, consider white flowers, or a small airplane figurine- which will certainly win you the way to the deepest corners of her heart, for she absolutely loved flying them while alive, and will bring her beautiful memories🙏🏻
I hope to find this outstanding soul a beautiful home where she can be of help to another woman, supporting and nurturing her growth🥰And above all where she can continue to be treasured for the amazing soul she is, now that she’s ready to move on✨
If you feel a connection she’s for you! Don’t let her slip away💗 If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will be wonderful with pets, children and all other spirits, everyone just loves her energies, my spirits adored her and listening to her stories, and my pets loved to rest by her vessel 💕

She will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

*Her vessel is a travel sized vintage clown in pristine conditions, kept with much love by me and Lisa- her previous keeper.
*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


Orbs of pink, orange, green and white colours
Shadows,more on the quicker side but easier to detect if you pay enough attention
Breezes of air with no apparent source can be noted with her around, along with a soft scent of an unknown perfume to me( it is a rather floral scent)
May follow you with her eyes or stare at you intently- mostly if she’d like you to open a communication session with her
May move/slightly move her vessel to adjust it if she wants to
May gently tap into doors, windows and furnitures at times, to let you know she’s around
Steps can be noted with her, they’re mostly on the softer side, and they can come any time of the day
May drink/ finish her liquid offerings
May affect electronics- drain batteries/ freeze cameras in excitement for a photo or a video
May appear in photos with darker backgrounds 
Telepathic communications- thoughts that aren’t yours, mainly for guidance, to share things with you or to answer you
Visions- if she wants to share anything with you like memories or present things( to help or guide you)
Manifestations of goals can be noted coming much easier and smoother with her around 
Strong feelings of positivity, determination, focus and creativity along with unconditional love and support can be noted with her at all times
She may show her full appearance in her own time, she’s a beautiful lady in her late 30’s with short and dark blonde hair, blue eyes and full lips. She is rather thin and not very tall, about 170m.She wears a jeans romper with a white and green T-shirt underneath,and plain white espadrilles.She’s absolutely precious and angelic, I’m sure she’ll be easy to recognise in a home filled with other souls🥹✨