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Add On Incense Cones-Pack Of 5 Organic Handmade Incense Cones By Harmony Collection & Friends

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By Popular Demand I am now honoured to make Available my hand blended Incense Cones to you!!
Made with Organic Scents and Ingredients,in proper moon phases,with utmost care,knowledge and Passion,these incense cones will bring a sense of delight,positivity,serenity and joy in any home or space.
You may light one up while having a bath,doing your rituals,or simply use this as an Offering for your spirit guides and companions,or ancestors.It may also make a wonderful gift for your family or friends,they well say there’s nothing better than a fresh,soft lingering fragrance to create unforgettable memories!💕

I started making blends while very young,inspired by a well known mystic,my grandmother’s brews,potions and beautiful scents,somewhere in the beautiful lands of the Eastern Europe.On every Full or New Moon,she would create wonderful scents,blends and hand made cones.I rediscovered this passion a few years back with my friend,and we are still doing it together,in our free time as a hobby.
Most of you might be familiar with these incenses,as I have always made sure you recieve it as Free Gift in your every order,and you will continue to do so,as it is my wish and my blessing that you are enjoying something created with much Love💗
Now,those of you who wish to add extra cones to your Orders,this listing is For you!

*Every month,and moon phase I will create different scents,intuitively,with pure energies and Intentions like Luck& Success,Self Love& Confidence,Healing&Protection-as such,the scent will differ,and not be one and the same,always.Therefore if you really enjoy a particular scent,keep the packaging somewhere safe,as the name of each blend is unique aswell,and you may ask me for availability,we might still have a few somewhere kept safe💕So don’t hesitate to ask!

*In this listing you will be Recieving a Small Pack of 5 Incense cones
*It will come Safely Packed with love&care,sealed for freshness,and shipped with Express Currier service,as with all my orders.

*Please note that if you want to Purchase this listing as an order Alone(without another order)-the cost of shipping will have to be Added,and so the price will change🙏🏻

*Please Note that this Listing is for Add On-Meaning,that you may only Add this on,to your Actual Orders,and not purchase this on its own-the reason is that you’ll be ending up paying for Shipping Cost,more than the actual value of this product.So Unless you consider it’s worth purchasing,i advice you to Add on into your any order,that way I may add it in your package,and shipping cost will be shared,or free,however way you wish to look at it😊🙏🏻

Thank you so much for your continuous support of my little shop,and also you should know that with every order,you’re helping a single mom of 2 make a side income,and raise her children while pursuing her passion💗-as through making this available for you,i am also helping a friend in need,the sales going solely to her and her beautiful children🙏🏻

Bright blessings to All,Love&Light,Maria,🌸Harmony Collection Boutique