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ADD ON ! Blessed Life Saver-Essentials Crystal Kit With Crescent Moon Natural Crystals Orgonite Pendant,Must Have Spiritual Gift,Altar Set

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Exclusive at Harmony Collection Boutique!

Life Saver Essentials-Pocket Crystal Kit

-with blessed Crescent Moon,Natural Crystals Orgonite pendant

Dear Friends & Fellow Crystal Lovers,

Thank you for checking out my cabinet of crystals and curios.I want you to know I chose each piece with care,love,and with knowledge of these millennia old treasures,along with my most trusted guides.There’s so much history and energies trapped in these precious stones so I only ever pick a stone if I feel its reverberation and look in awe at its beauty and perfect imperfections.If I love it,I know you will aswell.

Please keep them safe,you will now become these precious crystals keeper.Know that it has survived massive tectonic pressures,various chemical reactions,and most likely it has outlived the dinosaurs,your crystals journey is now in your hands,you’re now the keeper of their legacy.

With so much love,Maria- Harmony Collection Boutique

Your Crystal kit contains:

1 Amethyst Crystal-known to open up Third Eye chakra,balances all chakras,helps to calm and improves focus,reduces headaches and regulates hormones
1 Tiger Eye Crystal-known to open roads,remove blockages of all sorts,and to highly protect its Keeper
1 Aventurine Crystal-known to be the Luckiest of all,it draws generous people to its Keeper,improves financial situations and balances heart chakra
1 Lapis Lazuli Crystal-known to open and favour comunication and relationships with people around us,balances throat chakra
1 Red Jasper Crystal-known to ground it’s keeper,prevent people from taking advantage of us,quick mental healing,and balancing of root chakra
1 Carnelian Crystal-known to help with moving on,forgiveness of oneself and others,remove guilt feelings and anxiety
1 Clear Quartz Crystal,known to cleanse,purify any negative energy of their keeper,crystals or things placed beside it.

Please note that not One Crystal looks the same although they’re tumbled,they are all different in striations as they are natural.

*****Additionally,you will receive a Crescent Moon Handmade and blessed Orgonite pendant made by Mr.Lim,my mentor and Kundalini Master

Your beautiful kit will come in small Kraft paper gift box,a soft pouch to help you keep them on the go,and they’ll come safely wrapped and shipped with Express currier service,as with all my products.

*They will make a nice welcoming gift for your spirit companions
*They can be gifted as a blessing to someone dear,or for yourself
*You may wear them daily in your bag,or use them in healing sessions for yourself by either placing them (in any order) beside you in a straight line-as that is how they activate to work together for your chakras,or simply place them in a circle,around a white tea light candle while sitting down facing the candle,and focus on their colors,visualise all their colors as a mist of energy surrounding you,and keep this visualisation as long as you can,for minimum 5 minutes each session.It may sound impossible for some of you-but trust me,it will worth your while!

*This kit is Only for Add On-meaning,you may order something else in my store,and I will place it along,in the package.If you purchase this kit on its own(without an additional order,you are required to cover the shipping cost)Please contact me for details😊🙏🏻