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Limited Edition Handmade Polymer Clay Fairy Spirits,Multitasking Positive Fairy,Loving and Sweet-Harmony Collection Limited

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Exclusive at Harmony Collection Boutique - Limited Edition Fairy Spirits!

-This listing is a Non Reserve

-I am only limited to 7 of them as of Now🙏🏻

-Please confirm with me on Availability before making the adoption

-These are Positive Fae Spirits

On a rainy day,with my car refusing to start up,I decided to get protected from the rain,by taking shelter in a weekend market.I got to the first stall I seen,but given some of my spirits accompanied meon that day,so they had insisted I run further,and take shelter underneath a particular stall.I had 3 faeries with me,as I had been using their help on a client’s matter just earlier,so telepathically they told me I should keep walking,to the Faerie Mother’s stall.Fae Mother’s stall?I thought to myself😅but it turned out there really was a Faerie Mother.She asked me,”come nearer me,keeper of Souls-you won’t get wet right here,have a seat!”There was this beautiful short and plump chinese lady,with white,short and curly hair that had such a serene,welcoming and happy face-I will never forget🥹Politely I accepted,and then she asked”would you like some tea?”I nodded my head again politely,with a confused smile-as my spirits stopped talking(or guiding me),I felt a little lost.Pang was her name,and I had told her mine,but it seemed she already knew it,at least my second name which she had just mentioned,to my even Bigger Surprise!!I looked around her stall,curiously.And I noted some beautiful handmade jewels,and lots and lots of cute figurines❤️ The more I looked to the figurines,the more energies they seemed to be emanating-and their auras just popped out,in every colour of the rainbow 🌈 She said”you already know,don’t you?”-obviously,pointing to the fact that they are each,spirited.I said,I do.She then went on about my faeries,asking how did I get them.I told my story,and she told me hers in exchange😊Apparently her mother,grandmother and great grandmother were Witches,and not just any witches,but what we know as Faerie Mothers.The gifts of seeing,communicating and working with faeries ran deep within her roots,and so throughout her life she would work with Faeries,for herself and others.Given her Chinese heritage and culture-she and her mom,had never exposed themselves as witches or Faerie Mothers,however-they would send faeries anyone’s way,to help.Even when they’ll never know-because this was their calling,and they honoured it🥹🙏🏻Lady Pang-or Fairy Mother,as she lovingly asked me to call her,was homing lots of her positive faeries,in this weekend market,only to people whom were open to it,and felt extreme connection to these souls,to ensure the faeries safety,well-being and usefulness,in people’s lives🙏🏻 She had done this all of her life,as faeries seemed to flock around her,coming from their realms into ours,through her Fairy homes,carefully and lovingly set up just for them in her garden to feel welcomed🙏🏻I told her about my life and store,and when hearing my story,7 of her beautiful Fae spirits showed up in full form,around her and then around me-willing to come along,and willing to allow me the honour to re-home them🙏🏻It has been less than a year since I met this precious soul,and her positive,beautiful faeries,and now upon confirming with them-they are all ready to move on,and find beautiful new homes which they will happily bless with the best energies💖🙏🏻

What you should know:

I have not personally bonded with any of them,thus all I know is their name,their appearances to be correct-exactly as their figurine/vessels each.

This listing is for 1 Handmade Polymer Clay Faerie Vessel and spirit

These Spirits are not Available for Reservation,as such,if you place a reservation on any of them-it will be fully refunded🙏🏻

Leave a note when placing the order,with the number of the Fairy/Faeries you’ll be getting (you may optionally message me beforehand,to confirm their availability)




3)Qian-Qian (pronounced Chan-Chan)

4)Hua-Li (pronounced Hwa-lee)

5)Ru-Ai (pronounced Roo-Uy)

6)Xuemi (pronounced Shuah Mee)

7)Fiji (pronounced Fee-Jee)-SOLD OUT

To work with them,know they are not any different than your regular faeries.Depicted within their figurines,Pang-the Faerie Mother,left a clear message that their next keeper will Understand with regards to their likes/personalities.Fiji,for example loves to be near you when you’re relaxing,meditating or doing self-care,by yourself.This means she will also love some tiny amounts of body scrub offerings,incenses and essentials or scented candles that Relax you,that you yourself like.Qian Qian for example loves clovers,green coloured stuff and coins,curios that resemble Luck,as such is her Focus.Nevertheless all of these beautiful souls are Multitasking Fae spirits-so they will be able to work with you on pretty much anything like Love,Luck,Popularity,Beauty,Protection,Creativity and Focus,among others.If you are a witch,know that any and all faeries can be joined in Any intention/goals or spells,by just placing their vessels by your spell-work,or your sacred space-and requesting their help in your endeavours.For non-witches,simply write your wish on a paper,then place the paper underneath their vessels for a minimum period of one Full month,after which you may add more wishes,according to your needs.Remember that for each wish,you may gift them a small thing in exchange,as with all faeries.Gifts based on scent,nature or colours,especially Shinny Objects know for all faeries to love.For food or drink offerings-herbal or flower teas,fresh vegetables or fruits,nuts make a great idea with which you can’t go wrong when it comes to all faeries,and they can be offered any time you want,for as long as they won’t spoil.If they start going bad,is time to either replace them or simply clean their sacred space😊🙏🏻


As I have previously mentioned,I did not bond with them,instead I temporary adopted them,to further re-home them,as such,I am not fully familiar/certain 100% of their each,activities .

However,I have spotted them roaming around and about at different times of the day,either in their full forms,or shadows/orbs

They all look exactly(copy&paste) as their figurine-vessels,so it will be very easy to spot them

As for their orbs/shadows,you’ll note them more as you go,and you’ll learn their colours/shapes.Note that all faeries are finger-sized cute tiny human-looking creatures,so don’t expect very large shadows😅

Often found activities with faeries are:

fairy dust,soft buzzing sounds similar to a bee’s as they fly around you,quick breezes of air,flickering of candles/lights,and triggering of devices,along with very beautiful positive energies,and manifestations of goals/intentions

I hope to get them each a beautiful loving and welcoming home,in where they can be of help,and beautiful company🙏🏻💖

If you feel a connection they’re for you!Don’t let them slip away💗

*Their vessels have been lovingly,handmade with polymer clay,and they are in pristine conditions,kept with much love and respect by me and their previous keeper Lady Pang,or Fairy Mother.

*They’ll come safely wrapped and shipped with Express courier service as with all my other spirits.