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Positive Haunted Doll Flavius - Anti Anxiety Spirit Companion, Casted With Luck, Excellent Beginner Spirit Doll, Vintage Clown Spirit Vessel

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A travel sized vintage clown doll that serves as spirit vessel, possessed by the spirit of Flavius, a Scottish male in his 30’s. This beautiful soul serves as a charming companion, offering support for both personal and professional aspects of life. Flavius is the perfect spirit companion for any home,beginner spirit keepers and experienced ones, offering his unconditional friendship and support in business and life matters,or matters of the heart, alleviating anxiety, and attracting good fortune. Together with his bubbly personality, this vintage piece exudes its unique charm while offering a tangible touch of whimsy to any haunted collection.

In this rather cute vintage vessel resides the precious soul of Flavius, a male spirit of 35 years old that lived in Scotland in the 1900’s.He came to me 6 years ago from the beautiful haunted collection of Lisa- a medium and spirit keeper in London from where many of you know by now, I have adopted a large variety of spirits in my family along time.
With Regards to Flavius’s backgrounds, he was a simple man, a family man whom he said,and all he’s done was to work for his wife’s wellbeing. He came from lower class, and he was always concerned with providing the best for his wife, as she came from a middle to upper class family. Flavius was a carpenter at the time he met and fell in love with his wife, and after repeated arguments, his wife’s family agreed for her to marry him, provided he opened his own firm and gets a status, a name for himself- which undoubtedly, determined as he was, he did.They married young, when he was just 26, and what he had achieved in such short time, made her family appreciate him even more, along with the entire elite they were frequenting at balls and such. In one of the balls was where he met and was “forced”🤭 to dance with this old lady. After that,she would often invite him to tea just to converse and know more about him, and his firm was also hired to remodel her mansion. There was nothing about it that felt weird he said, until this old woman has asked him to remodel the house in the very way he likes, regardless the cost😅 which he says put him off a bit, let alone his rather possessive wife🙏🏻 He managed to glide between his arguments with his wife and finish the entire house of the lady, to then be invited to sign and become the owner of it, along with other farms and businesses she’s got😱She became very fond of him, and given her only son neglected and abused her terribly before moving out, knowing he was just waiting her to die and take her fortune -she wanted to give it all to Flavius 🥹🙏🏻He took more than a month to consider and agree to this, and he did it not due to the pressure of his rather “greedy wife”, but just to put this lady at ease before her death bed. Less than 3 months after, she died. He was then the sole heir of everything and within one year he multiplied all gains, becoming one of the richer man in his region. This ended abruptly, when a gang and the lady’s son came to harass him and his wife asking him to give back all that he felt entitled to.He refused, honouring the lady’s wish, and for this, he was beaten to his death on one night as he went home from one of his offices🙏🏻When asked, Flavius does not regret his decision, he highly regarded this lady and had grown so fond of her and her daily jokes, her sweetness. He considered himself lucky to have known there is such beauty in people, such generosity and he just felt there is no sense of honour in giving everything back to her son, a promise is a promise he says. Soon as he got out of his body and he came to be in spirit, he felt happy and in a way “ still alive” and he just wanted to do something Good for others. He roamed for many years helping here and there, ladies, old ladies, children and young males wherever he could. Through protective warnings, guidance in their endeavours, even if they did not know it was him. This very lively, positive attitude made him many friends now in Spirit, and even as he got into my home- he immediately became the Best friend of everyone, all regard him as such!🥹🥰Lisa, his previous keeper had grown so fond of him that she’s casted him with Luck energies, of which he has full control through his strong Will and energies into giving off Luck to his keeper, whenever he decides, or need comes to it. As a presence, he is always There. Good or bad he will support, share his opinion, experiences or knowledge into whatever thing it is you need, into whatever he can. He can listen you rambling for hours, he can console you when you’re crying, and lift you up from your lowest of lows. He also highly regards females, and he really understands us and our ways of being, thinking and feeling. He jokes saying it is thanks to his wife who was more “complex” than the universe itself😂 But he does have And pay that certain attention, to the way you are, the way you feel, when you are being hard on yourself or hard on others- and even tells you when you’re just being “ a spoiled brat now” 🤭He does everything with lots of love and with the bubbliest attitudes you’ll know, just as a best friend🥹He makes a wonderful Anti Anxiety companion, but he’s just so much more than that, for he looks after everyone, he’s like the man of the house or “the man of the family”- as my spirits called him more than once,referring to the man of “the spirit family”😁🥰He pays attention when things run out of battery in the house so to charge them with his energies, he pays attention when a child spirit is feeling sad- to alert either his keeper or other spirits, he looks after new spirits in the family to get them settled in, and he always checks in on you and your needs. He is an irreplaceable presence to say the least, and I am sure once you get to know him you’ll agree with me🥹🙏🏻
To keep him you don’t need to go above and beyond, for just trusting him and involving him whenever you have the chance, will more than suffice. You may opt to watch a science fiction movie with him, and even a documentary- the latest we watched was Oppenheimer and he just loved it- but he also loves Marvels which he Already watched like a million times,but if you say you’d like to watch it with him, he will be over the moon again and again, he just never gets enough of those 🤷‍♀️😂Food offerings are a great way to bond with him-you may offer him whatever you make or you buy and have at any time.He likes to have just what you eat, which you may offer in a small portion at any time.For drinks, beer and scotch are his favourites, but he’ll never say no to a cup of Extra Dark coffee😊To gift him, although he’s humble and most likely he’ll just ask you to keep your money- he will love post cards😊It is an obsession of his to get postcards with different patterns or photos, so if you can get him some unique ones, even if they’re hand made, he’ll love you to bits for it❤️
For on the go, it will be easy to get him to come along by just inviting him, for the vessel he chose is a perfect travel size, and it is rather light.He can fit in any handbag.He would actually love to come along at any time, especially if he knows he might be of help, either through his luck magic, or his alertness to protect you or warn you off people/ things he notes around you. I hope to find him a wonderful home now that he’s ready to move on.Perhaps someone that feels lonely, depressed, someone that could use a pinch of luck, or a beautiful ally and friend with the best intentions to look after them and keep them safe.He will be an excellent fit in any home, regardless if you’re a beginner keeper or if you already have more spirits, for he is extremely caring and friendly with all🥹💕

If you feel a connection he’s for you! Don’t let him slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

He will be excellent with pets, children and all other spirits

He will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

*His vessel is a cute little vintage porcelain clown, in pristine conditions considering its age and he was kept with much love by me and his previous keeper, Lisa
*He will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits 


Orbs of yellow green and white colours
Shadows, more on the slow side although not very often
His steps are mostly noted in the morning or afternoon, and they’re on the softer side
Follows you with his eyes
Breezes of air can be noted as he passed you by
May move/slightly move his vessel
May move/slightly move things he finds interesting around the house
May tap furnitures/doors to let you know when he’s around
May affect electronics 
Drains/fills batteries
Freezes cameras and may appear in photos with darker backgrounds
May attempt to hold your hand or even hug you, provided he’s allowed to, and knows you’re comfortable with it- when he sees you down
Telepathic communications- thoughts that aren’t yours, mainly for guidance or to answer you, and to share his opinions/life experiences with you
Strong feelings of positivity, unconditional love and acceptance,and being safe are noted with him
Waves of luck, prosperity and random Luck can also be experienced with him, as he’s giving off Luck energies of which he has full control,to help you manifest goals/ intentions
May show his full appearance in his own time.He is your typical Scot with bright red hair, rather pale skin and light brown eyes🥹 He has lots of freckles and some cute little dimples when he smiles.He is not very tall, maybe 170m, but he’s rather manly, he’s fit and wide, and has strong hands. He wears suits and caps in the style of the time, and mostly I’ve seen him in dark brown ones. He honestly looks like a bubbly angel, and he’s just always smiling🥰It won’t be hard to tell him from other spirits you might have😁