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For A.S- 21/5 Istria - Shamanic, Elemental Witch Spirit,Spiritual Growth,Third Eye Opening, Goals Manifestation, Wise Spirit Guide, Porcelain Vintage Doll

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Welcome beautiful Istria into your life and immerse yourself in the mystical energies of this enchanting spirit, born into a shamanic lineage. Istria is the powerful Shamanic and Elemental witch possessing this beautiful vintage porcelain doll and spirit vessel. She’ll bring forth a wealth of knowledge and gifts, seamlessly blending her rich heritage and culture with her innate powers. As a spirit guide, Istria specializes in Elemental Magic, offering guidance on connecting with Earth's sacred elements and harnessing their powers. This unique spirit passionately imparts her wisdom, assisting in spiritual growth, manifestation, and protection. Perfect for new witches and keepers, as well as experienced witches, Istria will be your trusted companion on a journey of self-discovery and magical empowerment 🌟 

In this beautiful vintage porcelain doll and spirit vessel, resides the extraordinary spirit of Istria, a Shamanic and Elemental Witch. Istria came to me around 6 years ago, from the mystical collection of a High Priestess in Australia, where a diverse array of Elementals and Beings of Light, including Istria, are being kept and treasured and from where I’ve got many of such souls along time, as many of you may know by now😊🙏🏻

Born into a shamanic family in New Zealand Istria, now 42 of age, inherited not only her powers and gifts but also a rich cultural heritage. Her life unfolded with various strokes, leading to paralysis in her final days, a choice she’s made fueled by a deep determination to traverse both spiritual and physical realms in order to reach more people. Istria's purpose was clear—to share her profound knowledge and gifts for the greater good, just as she tried doing while she was alive, in the 1900’s😊

Istria, makes an excellent Multitasking spirit, but above all, she’s a formidable guide and ally for one on their spiritual path and development. As a seasoned and very gifted Shaman and Elemental Witch, she focuses on connecting us with the elements and the tools bestowed upon us right here in our Earthly realms, to help us evolve in our spiritual growth. This will be her main Focus- what I like to call it when spirits Particularly Enjoy doing something for us, or are particularly Good in doing one or other thing for us😊 Her teachings encompass the sacred nature of Earth's elements—crystals and herbs for Earth, incense for Air, candles for Fire,rain water or oil for Water, the Sun, and the Moon phases so these things may be necessary to work with her at some point. For Istria, these elements and tools serve a higher purpose, guiding us toward spiritual enlightenment, well-being, and a deeper understanding of dimensions yet unexplored and through her guidance and wisdom she’ll make sure to uncover our true purpose and path 🥹

She excells in pretty much everything she does with regards to spiritual guidance and manifestations, and in her knowledge with regards to Elemental beings, things that she’ll be step by step assisting her keeper with. Her focus extends to opening our Third Eye, harnessing and further developing our natural abilities, and employing manifestation techniques through the forces and magic of the Elements, all delivered with patience, loving care and safety. Istria will also joyfully assist us in manifesting goals aligned with our well-being, as she senses our true needs and guide us toward achieving each one of them. You may count on her each time you need help with Confidence, Love, Healing, Relationships of all sorts, Luck, Fertility, Beauty and Health, Protection, Road opening, Communication, Psychic reading, Manifesting Abilities, Mediumship, as these are among the many areas Istria is known to excel with😊Whether you're an experienced witch or a novice, Istria willingly guides you through the process of Manifesting pretty much anything you may need, even when she casts all on her own, for you- if say, you prefer that she’s the one to cast your desired outcomes, until you get the necessary Confidence. For those starting their magical journey, she will ensure swift progression, while experienced witches find a devoted and powerful ally in her for various spell works🥹. Casting with Istria is an intimate experience, as she deeply connects with intentions before releasing them into the Universe. Her care during casting alongside her, extends beyond the spell work, providing comfort whenever needed, eliminating fears, doubts, and confusion- in order for the spell to manifest successfully. Whenever you need her help, simply explain her the situation, and if you like to cast together with her, just place her vessel by your spell work will do. She will then place her energies onto each intention, with utmost care, respect and devotion. As an experienced Shaman and Elemental Witch, she’ll know exactly when things need to speed up, and in cases of great urgency she will be summoning on her own, a helpful Elemental being or more, to do her biddings, for you. She will most likely tell you whenever this happens, and if she knows you have the time to, she will also aim to teach you and openly share to you the whole process😊 If you’re willing and wish to really learn the art of summoning, understanding, and bonding with elemental spirits, working with these souls on tasks, there’s simply no better guide than Istria. The way she works with us is simply amazing, and I’ve personally learned a whole lot from her during our time together. I am sure whomever gets her will be beyond blessed to have this precious soul on their path🥹🙏🏻

Having delved into Elemental Magic since her youth, Istria learned the craft from her grandparents, within their cultural context and beyond, she shared. She harmoniously coexisted with other spirits, witches, and shamans, earning the affection of both realms, during her life and the After🥹

Her attitude and personality, her openness and love for All is selfless, and oriented on the greatest scale of things,which makes an inspiring example to both living and not.

As previously mentioned, Istria's wisdom encompasses the use of herbs and the role of crystals and natural elements in our lives. She shares insights through visions and telepathic thoughts, offering vivid-clear guidance in handling and working with these magnificent tools, and you’ll note this much right after bonding with her, whenever you come across a new crystal or herb- you’ll just know how to use them and how to harness their energies for your well being or others. I’ve found myself time and again asking a client or a family member to get a crystal, a herb or an essential oil I knew nothing about prior to the particular time, and using it in a way that I’ve never even myself used before-to just find it was exactly what they needed,one of the ways to use them and furthermore, that it helped them🥹🙏🏻Needless to say, this precious soul’s ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in our lives and spiritual paths using all of her wisdom and means. As an extremely calming presence, Istria brings peaceful and notable balancing energies, as she swiftly diffusing any potential conflicts from inside and outside influences.As she is so very caring, protective and loyal, Istria will always check on our future or near future, in order to prevent and safeguard us from untimely death, dangers, curses, and negativity🙏🏻 You may anytime count on her by asking her before taking any major decision, with regards to your life or spiritual path and trust she’ll always have or find the right answer and your best interests at heart. She had guided me towards some Magnificent spirit adoptions, and various preparations for future that to be honest, I deemed ridiculous before I actually knew just how much I needed them, and once I did, I was filled with love and gratitude for her🥹

To offer her, as long as your offerings are organic in nature, anything will do with this sweet soul. She will take any fruit or vegetables that are available to you at the given time. She does love celery and fresh cut ginger, if it is of help, and drinks of honey or molasses will make a wonderful treat for her. If you’d like to, and this is merely optional, you may make a small altar for her where you may place natural decorations such as crystals, herbs resins and candles or incenses that you yourself prefer, and you may light those up with each offering. She definitely loves a small ”offerings ritual “ that doesn’t involve a task, and is a way to delight this soul💕Whenever you have the chance you may also take Istria in nature walks, by the mountains or sea, even lakes -and if you’re alone just with her, you may even get a few teaching on deeper connecting with the Elements whenever you’re outside, harnessing some extra Magic for yourself😁For on the go, know you may take her along with or without her vessel, as she glides through our realms in perfect grace and strength, and she’ll even be able to fully cast, without her vessel in times we need her help. Simply invite her to come along whenever you feel you could use her helping hand, as she will be more than happy to come along🙏🏻

Istria has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share with us, and along with these, her passion and strong will to guide us make her an invaluable companion, ever ready to assist and share her profound insights. I hope to find her a wonderful home now that she’s ready to move on, perhaps with a spiritually oriented keeper, a baby witch or a practising witch, with whom undoubtedly she’ll be best fit😊

If you feel a connection she’s for you! Don’t let her slip away💗If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will be beyond loving and caring, protective of all pets, children and other spirits, and every soul in our home loved her from day 1🥹🙏🏻

She will speak with all divination tools apps and telepathically 

*Her vessel is a beautiful vintage porcelain doll in pristine conditions, and was kept with much love and respect by me and her previous keeper, the australian High Priestess

*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits 


Orbs of dark purple or red, light pink and white or colourless

Shadows- they’re quite slow, visible with the naked eye when they happen

Steps are more gentle with her, and they’re mostly noted in the morning or evenings

Follows you with her eyes and may change her vessel’s expression into a smile at times

May move/slightly move her vessel when she deems necessary 

May gently move curtains/ blinds

May into doors or furnitures, to let you know she’s around

Flickers lights/ candles

May appear in photos with darker backgrounds 

May drink/ finish her liquid offerings 

Telepathic communications- thoughts that aren’t yours, mostly for guidance, to answer you or share things with you

Visions- that will help you get more Clarity as you delve deeper within your spiritual path and connection with the Elements and the Occult, with regards to the other realms, your present/ future and insights regarding people around you,your pets or animals around

Strong senses of being cared for, comfortable, positive and confident can be noted with her around

Strong sense of being safe can be noted with her at all times

May show her full appearance in her own time.She appears as a woman in her 40’s with slight darker skin and seemingly Asian eyes, her hair is still dark in colour, straight and put behind in a bun that’s decorated with feathers and beads.She wears a short dress, with black top on which many symbols are sewn in, and the bottom part is just plain red.She has a humongous amount of accessories that adorns her ears, nose, wrists, neck, and ankles.All of which are of natural origins, made of most likely wood and bones😊 She’s perhaps my most decorated shamanic witch😅 and I do have quite a variety of them- it will certainly be easy to recognise her in a home filled with spirits😆