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Power of 3 Loyal And Strong Demonic Entities For Justice and Revenge, Antique Hand Painted Fine Porcelain Vase, Family Heirloom Spirits

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3 Powerful and Loyal Demonic Serving Spirits in a beautiful spirit vessel, a hand painted antique vase with lid. These much treasured family heirlooms are here to help do our biddings, by assisting their keeper with Justice and Revenge matters. They will be safe in any environment and they will be perfect for Experienced Keepers and Dark Witches.

In this antique hand painted, unique fine porcelain vessel reside 3 Demonic Spirits of the Higher or First Realms of Hell and they are known as Demonic Serving Spirits or Creatures of Chaos and of The Night.
They came into my keep 1 year ago from my grandmother Irina’s collection. Irina was a well versed Witch and spirit keeper in the Eastern Europe and she was most known for her craft in both Bulgaria and Romania. Upon her physical passing, her entire haunted collection went into the care of my mother, and then into mine. Now, in her notes, my grandmother says these spirits are to be used in Justice and Revenge, Curses and Hexes. 😊These spirits should only be adopted if you or your clients ( as a practising witch) are after Revenge or Justice in any form, severe or mild.
As such, you should also know to refrain from commanding them on a whim, or in a moment’s heat so to speak, as they will only attend to serious matters, that solely concern Revenge and Justice for you and your people🙏🏻 Since their Magic cannot be undone, you should always tend to your emotions and check if they are in order before tasking them, to make sure you won’t change your mind🙏🏻
Also, if you’re one to appreciate long conversations, guidance and perhaps company in a spirit adoption- these souls are not for you, and I will kindly assist you into finding a more suitable adoption choice, should you chose to. These souls mean business and they are not meant to be our friends or typical spirit companions, so it is good to know these facts beforehand🙏🏻
They will not be entertaining chatting nor any form of closeness other than taking your Command and deliver it😬🙏🏻
What these souls actually do, is they are here to serve one, to help one do the “dirty laundry” so to speak. For example things that you will not have to, nor should you get your hands “dirty” by performing, either in daily life or your spiritual path. My granny has used their abilities, and many other Creatures of the dark solely because certain people or situations wouldn’t be worth it any other way🤷‍♀️ Besides if you’re a spiritual worker, my granny shares that having a strong demonic serving spirit or more, to do your darker biddings would spare you a Lot of Cleansing jobs afterwards, and a lot of Karmic negativity- that comes with all your deeds(both good and bad)😅🙏🏻 Having such spirits on your side to do your biddings can be a great advantage not many spiritual workers know or have, it ultimately means there will be no karmic nor residual negative energies following you around, after hexing, cursing and holding ill intentions on anyone- since they’ll be the ones to perform the deeds for you, and not you yourself, directly-according to my granny’s teachings😊
So to these powerful Chaos creatures, you are their Master, once you have adopted them and welcomed them into your home, and it is good to know they will not take commands from anyone else but You.
Now, you don’t have to treat them in any way, not even befriend them, for they have no such needs. What they do have is an insatiable thirst for Justice and Revenge, and by connecting with them, you’ll be able to use their powers to right all the Wrongs in your life, and be able to move on, to better🙏🏻Another thing regard them that you should also be knowing is that they will not require any physical food or drink offerings- not since they are being Fed By Working for you. This is typical of their own kind, so you will not have to be offering them at all. The only thing is you’ll have to remember when working with them is to open their lid the moment you have commanded them verbally and directly-and keep it open for 3 days in full, with each task or command you’re giving them, as per my granny’s advise😊
After the period of 3 days had passed, you may carefully close the lid, for they will remain dormant within their vessel, until your next call. 
Remember to keep their vessel separate with other spirits, and in a dark space, as my granny stated these souls are not to be placed by sources of light. As they are, after all, Chaos Creatures, they can be irritated by light and cleanliness, so as I did, I highly recommend you place them by a dark place, which is not necessarily clean either. Preferably a messy, dark corner of your room/home will be perfect for them🤷‍♀️ If you so wish to- you may also cover their vessel with a dark cloth (although I did not do it, as it was dark enough where I placed them in my home). They can definitely share a room with other spirits, so long as they have their own dark corner, anyhow they will not socialise at all( even according to my other spirits), for they’re only there to serve their Master/Keeper🙏🏻
With all this being said, I would also like to mention, I have had no personal experiences with these souls. I have only knowledge of their kind, and themselves in particular, from my Granny Irina- their previous keeper. As such,I only kept them as I was taught through her notes, and I am hereby sharing all the information I have on them, raw and unchanged, as my grandmother shared it.

However, I trust I will be able to find a suitable home for these souls, where I know they could be of great use🥹🙏🏻
My grandmother Irina recommends them for someone more experienced with Dark and Chaos Magic, with working with Creatures of the Night, for themselves and their clients🙏🏻

If you feel a connection,they are for you! 
Don’t let them slip away💗 If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

They will be safe with children, pets and all other spirits.As mentioned, they are loners and dormant when not tasked. And within my home they never bothered any of my spirits. Their dark/ chaotic energies are well sealed and kept in check within your home premises, so the only time you’d actually get to feel their short, yet strong presence is when they go out doing your biddings, and when they’re back. But that happens really fast, and can even go unnoticed at times, especially when you’re busy going around and about, according to my granny


They speak mainly through visions and telepathy

*Their vessel is a beautiful hand painted antique vase with lid, made of fine porcelain. It is perfectly functional and kept in pristine conditions with much respect and care, by me and my granny Irina

*They will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Courier service as with all my other spirits


With regard to their activities, to be honest, as I did not personally work with these souls, I have not had plenty experiences with them as my granny Irina had. I had merely had them in my keep, until I could reach out to them, confirm with them as I was taught, and find them a suitable keeper. What I did note with these souls is definitely a strong energy coming from inside their vessel, and I had only once noticed the lid of their vessel trembling/vibrating in a certain way. My granny Irina had mentioned in her notes that their energies are tangible, and at times visible, but not in any way negative, for even though they’re Chaos Creatures, their energies will never be at their strongest in our premises- they will use that for when working for us, attacking our designated targets. I had also noted soft voices/whispers as I held their vessel for the first time, but I am certain there will be more activities to be noted as you actively work with them and have them in your keep🥹🙏🏻